Love Me Til The End

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Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



I sit alone on the water's edge.

Memorizing your letter.

A thousand times in my head.

Awaiting your return

in the summer wind.

For you to love me

til the end .

You play with fire.

Darkness is your friend.

Your love is a wall

as thick as sand.

For forever I tried

to get inside.

Inside your heart.

Where I want to hide.

From this world.

The pain on poisoned land.

Awaiting the grip

of true love's hand.

My eyes are gray as storm clouds.

My heart as thin as tin.

Yet, I await for my savior

to love me til the end.

The leaves will fall

without their trees.

Flowers will grow

from pollenating bees.

A man in sorrow

will release his screams.

From being without

the one of his dreams.

He longs for hope.

A small piece of mind.

Awaiting the sun

to rise and shine.

In the glow of warmth.

Where his heart will mend.

Because she will love him

til the end.

There's danger in every smile .

There's fear in every step .

As he walks a hundred miles.

To put his pain to rest.

Nothing has changed

except for the weather.

The seasons change

but , only for the better.

As somehow he pierces

the steel around her heart.

And seizes the love

that has always been apart.

They conjoin together

like the rain and wind.

Promising to love

until the end.

The birds will fly

away from the cold.

As the hills are covered

from a winter's snow.

Through natural forces.

They stay and hold.

Onto love

as they grow old.

Even then , after much time spent.

They will go on with love

until the end.

Until the end of their last night.

Awaiting to start over

in the afterlife. .

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