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It is not because I was a soldier why I wrote this poem. I just do not like war.

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



The war is over,

And my sweetheart is waiting for me.

There's singing from London to Dover,

Everyone's merry as can be.


No more falling missiles,

Children no longer running away.

The young ones are still, no cries,

Life has changed to a brand new day.


Once the weary soldiers were fighting,

Boarding ships and planes.

They found the enemy, and went right in,

Clearing the streets and the lanes.


Now the war is over,

Soldiers and others with their loved ones.

No more do they have to run for cover,

And get behind their guns.


Walk freely in the streets,

It has all come to an end.

Just listen to the drum beats,

You're free now, my friend.


Go to the pub, knock down one or two,

Drink and be merry, dance and sing.

Sadness has lost its flavour, happiness is new,

Peace is here,tightly to it you must cling.

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