My only Hope is You

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Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



Hold me down and make me stay

Please don’t ever let go and watch me run away

You are the strength to my weak side

You are the understanding to my bitter pride


Calm me down and make me see

Please don’t give up and watch me flee

You are the cobble to my bleeding heart

You are the rope that keeps me from falling apart


Speak to me and make me hear

Please don’t be quiet and watch me disappear

You are the end to my depressing misery

You are the bright voice to my sad symphony


Lift me up when I’m feeling down

Please don’t ignore and watch me drown

You are the joy to my moments of sadness

You are the sanity to my state of madness


Help me stand on my own two feet

Please don’t falter and watch me fall to the deep

You are the motion to my lack of fate

You are the decision to the choices I didn’t make


Stay with me until the end of time

Please don’t leave and let the fault be mine

You are the love to my inner hate

You are the only one to save me from my desperate state

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