The Simple People

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Me Studio B

"Deliberate, it was a deliberate 'incident'."

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



[Phone Clicks On]


How are you

What happened

Why did you do it

Are you okay

[Muffled movements]


I'm in jail what do you think

Why don't you come visit me instead

Why don't you call when you don't want something

Why don't you let me see my kids

Here's an idea, why don't you bail me out of here

But you can't can you, all you can actually do is ostracize my jail sentence

[Deep Breath]


You know I love you

But its to a certain point

You won't see niether me or MY children till you get released

And I can't help you on that one, I refuse to save you


Its as if your doing me a favor

But I know what this is about, "Sweetheart"

You and those countryclub losers you call friends can go take a hike up Mt. Everest for all I care

I'm rotting here and your living it up out there

Well congradulations. We won't have to divorce because I'll die in here


I don't sympathize one bit with such a low life as yourself

People like you deserve to rot

And stop pretending you actually want to see us 

Your just a sick individual whose days finally caught up with him

I'm a woman of the 21st century, I refuse to cater to the likes of you.

[Mock Gasp]

Wow and here I thought I had such straight foward intentions

You know I can't stay in here forever 

Sooner or later the judge will permit my appeal

Have fun while you still can because once I'm out I'm leaving with the kids

I wonder what divorced members without custody and whom also tried to frame their husbands get

[Brisk Muttering]

If you think you'll ever get out of there, you have another thing coming

I will find and kill you if that happens

There's no way in this world I'll let you strip me of my life

 Your scum and I'll make sure everyone knows that

You have fun rotting in jail you pathic excuse of a man

[Low Growl]

I wouldn't be making any threats if I were you

Remember what the judge said

I'm a dangerous animal who'll kill if you provoke me

I'll die once I have those children out of your wretched aging hands

Don't call here again you old hag. Goodbye Agnes

[empty reciever]

[Number dailing again]

"Sorry but the the number you are trying to call is unavaible at the momment, please try again later"




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