before the night fell

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this story tells about a woman who has found out that she was in a position to choose between the love of her life and the lust she had for this guy whom she met online , is she going to choose what she built and faught to keep for years or will she just drift with the new adventure that she has experienced out of nowhere .

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



jack , the best man that made my life go slow , he made me enjoy the best of me even when i was weak , when i had struggles he was there for me , he listened when i cried , six years ago when my brother jayson died he was standing by me in every step and it was then when he started showing me the unstoppable affection and the amazing amount of feelings a human can feel for an other , jack has sold his car to save me from an unpaid loan and he was just my neighbour back then , years before i met him i was damaged , i was broken , i went through alot of medical procdures to fight depression and it was hard for me to live with idea of sucide almost every day , i felt for years that my lufe had no meaning , although i met alot of people on my way and tried to be with someone , but jack just got over my expectations , he stoped me from living in the bad neighborhood in my head , he made me realise that every day can be lived in  special way , jack brought me back to life after years of pain darkness he grained hope in me with his beautiful words and meaningful actions , i could never imagine life withou him  , jack and i been living together for 6 years in one home , having plans to get together forever , he bought me an  engagement ring and classically proposed to me in the 4th memory of my brother's death , saying to me that he wanted to make the saddest memories in my life has a happy part in it , i loved jack everyday and with every step we took forward and i would never have given up all of that no matter what but what is to come next has changed my life in a way i  never tought it was even close to be possible .

june 7th 2014 i was sitting on my desk checking emails from a website that sold women's underwear online , i got so bored that day and jack wasn't home he was supposed to be working 8 hours a day and then he'd have to see his sick dad and check up on him for approximately 2 hours a day so then i would have to stay 10 hours a day alone home , i don't have many friends to hang out with since we recently moved to this area of the city , i was lonely even though he was there whenever i needed him , he'd pick up my phone calls whenever i ringed even if he was in the middle of his shift but still i never felt that was enough , everytime i stayed alone home i had been thinking about how mesirable iam having no one by me i just needed someone to talk to when jack wasn't there for me , as i was scrolling down in the website my eyes fell on an add about "getting new friends near by" , i signed up and created my account as i'm swiping people on my screen obviousely the girls my hand slipt and i swiped for a guy and it was too late to get it back , so i closed the tab and decided it was stupid to try to reach people online .

as i'm putting my clothes on my phone was ringing , it was jack .

jack : hello baby you're alright ?

me: ...well yea and you baby ,

jack: i'm okay , listen baby i wanted to tell you that i won't be home tonight i have got to stay with my dad as his condition got a little bit out of control ...

me: ehm what happened ? is he okay? should i come see him ?

jack: no baby it's okay stay home it's late and i don't want you to get stressed , i will come home tomorrow morning . 

me : okayyhh ..

jack : are you sure you are okay baby , your voice sound diffrent .

me :   jack ! baby , iam okay , take care for dad and tekll him i hope he gets better soon , i love you baby 

jack: okay ! i 'll make sure he will , i love you too darling ! goodnight baby take care .

me : bye baby .

as the phone call ended i felt like i was left by the only guy that keeps me safe from myself each night and i just couldn't take it any better . i just feel like i can't spend one night without him and whenever i do i just go in my lowest levels of depression , so i just opened my computer hoping i could watch a movie or anything that'll distract me from the fact that i was alone in that night , as i'm surfing on the movies list i got a message notifs from the the website i singned up to earlier i was so confused and surprised and then it was when i noticed that i haven't actually log out .

as i'm scrolling down on the friend's list , it was that guy i swiped by mistake .

nello500: hello there  :)

 i'm so confused , how can i respond to this , should i just ignore it or should i say something .? what about jack ? alright maybe i should just go to sleep this is stupid .

nello500: is any body there , i just checked your profile , you live 1 mile away from me i don't think this is far so i just thought i could say hi .

what am i supposed to do now ?...OMG this is irrational .

me: hi.

nello500 : thanks for responding . how are you doing tonight ?

me : fine .. and you ?

nello500: i'm fine too thanks for asking , i just moved here recently i don't have any friends so i thought i could make some who live nearby .

me : well .. cool

nello500 : my name is nick how about you ?

me : lea 

nello500: lea is an incredible name , nice to meet you . :) 

me: me too .

omg this is going too far so i better put this away . 

i just went to my bed and closed my eyes and fell asleep , in the morning jack came home he kissed me on my forhead as i was still on bed judt to wake me up , he told me how much he missed me , he got in the shower changed , walked to me slowly , cuddled with me , kissed me and as he got me at the middle of my desire to make love , he rushed back to the door and left for work . 

i started my day just like i do every day , i cleaned , made breakfast and then went to watch tv , but bordom just got all of me , and so i went to my computer again and noticed the same notifs popping up my screan again .

nello500: well good morning ! i hope you are having a good day .

nello500: oh so you are just reading my messages and ignoring me ! i did not know that you are so full of yourself anyways i'm not hitting on you , i just try to make friends but i think you are not interested , so have a good day .

me : well , so sorry you think that , i just ... i 'm busy .

nello500: well  you could've told me instead of keeping me waiting anyways i won't bother you again .

me : well ...umm .. you are not bothering me .i'm just not so good at this .

nello500 : this ? what ! you mean texting ? okay let's meet up then . you are one mile away .

me : i don't think i can . 

nello500: well why , promise you i won't eat you or anything , i'm just a simple guy .

nello500: okay i see you are not so interested .i was right maybe !

me: no , i mean i have a boyfriend and i don't want to sound like a wierdo but i can't just meet up with some person i talked to over night online .

nello500: well if this is what is all about , i promise you i don't want to steal you from your man lol, i'm just looking for friends as i mentioned before and you are the closest person i matched with .

could it be possible? i will finally get the chance to talk to someone new ..just friends ...friends!! ..yea , this is what i need maybe.

me : okay ! i guess you are right .i will be going out in 10 minutes to the labelle supermarket  have to shop for home .

nello500: oh yeah i guess i know were that is .. the end of the greenpaid street yeah ?

me: exactly ! 

nello500: okay lea i will see you there in 15 minutes .

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