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some people change themselves just for that people would love them , but instead they get hurt from behind that mask , so don't change so that people will love you , be yourself and the right people will love you me , just show who you really are

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



I have been caged forever behind these bars

I missed how I longed to see the stars

I want to tell the world that i was able to survive

But I think they won't care whether i am dead or alive 

So for those who care, don't be like me

Show your feelings and let them see

Some will never see your struggles behind that mask

Some of them will not even bother to ask

and here is what I have to say

Clear as the light of day

As time passes , you will forget

Who you were and start to regret

So don't care to what they say about you

Always remember to be the real you 

Words are destructive more than you know

They chase you and stick to you just like a shadow

Altering your thoughts & doubting yourself

Until you change & say what I've done to myself

Is this is me or am i looking at someone else's face ?

Am I looking from someone else's face?

Believe me , this is all what I have been through

And I am telling you my story so you can think it through

And know that you are good enough just the way you are

No need for change , you are your own shining star

Don't change so people will love you

Be yourself and the right people will love you


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