Bastard Son of a 100 Maniacs: The Freddy Krueger Biography

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Fan-made Freddy Krueger biography.

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



Freddy Krueger was born on November 9, 1934. He has multiple fathers since his mother, Amanda Krueger, was raped by mental patients at the Springwood Mental Institution. Due to her trauma, she put him up for adoption a week after his birth. She actually wanted to abort Freddy Krueger, but couldn’t since she was a devout Catholic. It took at least a month for Freddy to be with a family. He got adopted by the Underwoods (Susan and Thomas Underwood). They were in their 30s. Despite giving him up for adoption, she felt regret. Amanda just ended up quitting her job at the mental institution, so that she doesn’t always think about her rape when she goes there.

The Underwoods’ house is in the rural part of Springwood. There really wasn’t much to do. In Freddy’s early childhood, he didn’t have many friends. Most of the time, he played with his toys or helped his father out with certain tasks. When he had to help Thomas, he had to learn to not make mistakes. You can make the smallest mistake and he would have a temper. Susan didn’t talk to Freddy that often, but when she did, it was always positive. Thomas is the one who thought of having a child in the first place. She still wanted to wait some more actually. Elementary and early middle school was basically hell for him. He got mocked for the way he dressed and his style of humor. Even a girl he had a crush on belittled him once he admitted to liking her back in middle school. The Underwoods loved him. However, they were disappointed with him when it came to that. With that going on, Freddy started to have low self-esteem for some time. It got to the point where in the 7th grade, he was suspended from school three times for threatening to kill himself. This was a difficult time for the Underwoods. They had to save thousands of dollars to get him a therapist and some medication.

By the time he graduated the 7th grade, his mental health improved. During the summer of 1946, Thomas got a job at the Springwood industrial factory. Susan and Freddy were extremely happy. They were glad that they can now live in the city. All Freddy did that summer was play sports at the city’s recreational center and go to the mall they have. Susan started to become an extrovert in the household though. Thomas’ shift at the factory is from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., but he comes home around 12 a.m. sometimes and she becomes paranoid. Freddy is worried about himself.

Since Freddy’s mental health is better, he does everything in his power to fit in at his new school and it works. The jocks weren’t fond of him, bit everyone else was for the most part. He wore clothes that were popular during that time and his humor becomes less weird, thus making people relate to it more and laugh at his jokes instead of laughing at him. In the 8th, he had 3 girlfriends. The 9th grade came along and he lost his virginity within the first few months. His best friend, Oliver, is shy and Freddy is always trying to get him a girl. It hardly works. Oliver receives verbal abuse from his mother constantly. He’s gotten this for so long, he can hardly speak up for himself. Freddy still respects him regardless of this.

His parents end up having a negative relationship. One night, Susan is driving and sees her husband kissing another woman outside of a bar. Susan confronts him about it when he came home and after that, their relationship was never the same. Thomas started to drink more and became distant. Only time he talked to Freddy was when he needed something to be fixed around the house. The father and son bond they once had was non-existent. Freddy’s mom began to socialize with him more. If she had to go to the store, she would want Freddy to come with her. During the 10th and 11th grade, Thomas got violent with Freddy. Susan couldn’t intervene because she was afraid he would kill her. At first, Freddy couldn’t take the pain. The 11th grade arrived and he started to use that pain. Thomas comes home one night drunk insulting Freddy and Susan. Freddy has had enough at this point. He beats him until he is unconscious and tries to stab him. Susan grabs the knife and yells at Freddy saying “get the hell out!” while crying.

Now, Freddy has no home. For the last two years of high school, he’s in a homeless shelter and working at a fast food restaurant. It’s real rough for him, but he was able to maintain. Freddy graduated high school with a 3.0 GPA and saved enough money for him to buy a place to stay. While looking for a house, he faced another setback and this one scarred him for a long time. He got word that his father killed Susan and killed himself afterwards. Freddy couldn’t believe things would go that far. Because of that event, he wanted to leave Springwood. Before leaving, he had to get his driver’s license. He didn’t get a chance to since he was so focused on work and school.

Back then, Northport, New York had houses for the cheapest prices. He heard about it and decided to drive all the way over there. The ride was about 8 hours and 50 minutes. It wasn’t long before he found an apartment and a job. He got a job as a mechanic. Although he was one of the best mechanics, no one would talk to him. The man had no emotion and he had a bunch of cuts on his body. Other mechanics knew he was into self-harm. There was a club in Northport that he would go to sometimes and that was only place he had friends at. These guys were Duke Anderson and John Smith. They were rock n roll fanatics. Duke and John were in band called The Psychos. Their lead singer, Pat Smith, doesn’t go to that club that often. Freddy was really intrigued. What he didn’t know was that they liked to do heroin. He refused at first. The more he kept thinking about his parents though; he eventually gave in to the drug. Heroin made him feel good. Heroin had him believing it was the solution to his pain. His performance started slacking. The manager insulted him before firing him. Even when he was just cutting himself, he was still a little bit positive. With the heroin addiction, that was gone. If he didn’t have heroin, he felt like he was nobody and had to hurt someone. The Psychos introduced him to heroin and they even distanced themselves from Freddy the more he used it. This addiction lasted until his late 20s.

Rehab really helped him. In a matter of months, his mind was clear again and able to work. He had a short stint at the Northport factory until he decided to go back to Springwood. The reason for moving back is he felt that it was time to let what his father did go. Just like he did after he graduated, he drove to Springwood. Happiness was in the air as Freddy was driving. He acted like he was waiting his whole life for this moment. First thing he did after arriving as look for a house. Prices had gone up since he left. Freddy couldn’t get a house, but he understood why. He believed he could do like he did in high school and get a job while staying at the homeless shelter.

Freddy’s spirits were completely crushed when finding out the shelter was full. He came all this way to be happy, but all he did was experience more pain. Now, he has to live on the street and this aggravated him to the fullest. Living on the street motivated him to kill. People were mean to him, especially children. Kids would not only insult him, but also throw objects at him. He popped off when he dealt with a kid who called him crazy for his father’s murder-suicide. The kid knew about this since his mother went to high school with Freddy and had a class picture in their house. He wanted him to shut up, so he cut his tongue and slashed his neck. The first kill was very thrilling to him and from that day, he knew he was going to focus on children. According to a statement he made before the verdict, children were his preference because you can instill fear in them quicker and their cries for help excites him.

After that kill, he upped his game. Freddy stole a gray truck and used that to pick up every victim. His strategy was to pick up kids that look like they need a ride home, spray them with chemicals that will make someone unconscious, and kill them at the same factory his father worked at. The factory is where he ended up creating his glove. Springwood was in a total panic. The town is normally quiet, yet 10+ kids are missing. He has no remorse for his victims even after death. To keep from people noticing the bodies, he would cut their bodies to pieces in order to fit them in trash bags. Oliver is one of the officers assigned to this case. Springwood Police struggle with this case until one evening, Oliver sees a kid he knows getting picked up by Freddy and starts panicking. Oliver’s heart is racing fast. He decides to follow the car and keeps his distances to avoid getting detected by Freddy. They get to the factory and the officer waits for him to get out first. As soon as he sees the kid unconscious, he goes into a rage. He has to go down now. Freddy was his best friend. He couldn’t believe he would do something so atrocious. He walks into the factory slowly and notices Freddy sharpening his glove. Oliver is struggling. His mind is telling him to kill. Eventually, he shakes it off and just arrests him, that way the community can see who he is and the parents can receive real justice.

Freddy gets sentenced to life in prison for his crimes. His life gets taken though on his 4th day in prison. He was killed by a man who claimed to be one of his real fathers. The old man escaped from the mental institution not too long after Amanda Krueger gave birth to Freddy and stayed incognito for quite a while until he did 2nd degree murder. The murder happened while Freddy was out in the yard. He bit him first then stabbed him multiple times while Freddy was punching him. Springwood rejoiced in this news and he was never spoken of again. 

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