Return of the beloved one

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this is a poem i wrote to express my pain and my longing to see my father , it has been 7 months since i have seen him and i miss him every single day , and god knows how many times i shut myself in my room just to cry even now , i wish to at least see him and hopefully return home one day....

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



This has never happened to anyone but me

This situation was something I never expected to see

Most people would have died

Either hanged or commited suicide

But how did you know that I can tolerate this?

How did you know that I am up to this ?

Haven't seen him in a really long time

I know that he would never commit a crime

He is innocent just like an angel

so why would he be suffering in hell?

God , why are you doing this to me ?

What can I do so you could set him free?

Most people will never even care

just standing there giving me a cold stare

some will give you a shoulder to cry on

and say that pain of yours will begone

So just wait a little more and see

soon , he will be set free

and in his arms , you will be

and patience is your only key

So I have to suffer & wait for who knows when

gotta endure it and see what will happen then

gotta continue following my way

Try to act as everything is okay

I will keep smiling like nothing is wrong

But I simply call it being strong

If it takes forever to be with you

Then i will wait till that dream becomes true

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