The call of regret

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this poem talks about a couple where the husband doesn't trust his wife in what she says even if all what she said was the truth about his family , he never believes , and in this poem , i hope he realizes what his wife meant all along and see the consequences of what he did... based on a true story

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



Why can't you listen to her ?

Why can't you just believe in her ?

She didn't do anything wrong

And i am telling you in this song

That you are the one to blame 

Can't you feel a little bit of shame ?

Can't you see that this is a war ?

Where we will all fight and soar 

She is not telling you to choose her side

She just wants you to know what's right

she got so many blames

she was given so many misnames

But she stood up and she did it all for you

Don't pretend as if you never knew

They are dragging you by their demonic minds 

And we are pulling you out from your bind

Can't you appreciate that she is still standing by your side ?

She showed the truth , no lies to hide

She hid all of her scars 

For you to see their hearts

They were full of pure evil and hell

So it is time for you to understand and rebel

But she doesn't mean to go and fight

She just wants you to face them and know what's right

So now see the truth behind

Those you loved and made you blind

Instead of ignoring her calls 

Before it's too late when everything falls

She fought the walls just to see you

She worked so hard just for you

But what have you done for her ?

Isn't it time that you go apologize to her?

She shed her tears at night

Waiting for the time that you might

Get what she meant all along

And realize that you were in the wrong

So I am telling you now 

No time for why , what and how

It is time to think and act

understand and seal the contract

So will you listen to what she has to say ?

So will you give her a chance and follow her way ?

Just give it a shot and have faith

so maybe there will be chance to wraith

So can't you just believe in her ?

And try to listen to her ?

There is nothing to regret

Just end everything and reset

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