Station Of Senses

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Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



She only dreams.

That the world will know her pain.

She counts the hours.

And the flowers on the wall.

Sitting by the phone.

Only hoping that he will call.

He's gone across the sea.

Leaving behind

his unfinished dreams.

His heart felt empty

as he was stationed for war.

This mansion is a misery.

Haunted by his memory .

On a hill

surrounded by fences.

Board by heart.

Enlightened by senses.

She waits around

in a ballroom gown.

Although she fears

he'll never be around.

A flash of passion.

In nature's fashion.

She remains patient

as the years are passing.

A creaking floor

and leaking roof.

Falling apart

is the unseen truth.

She screams on the balcony.

Cursing the stars.

That light up the mansion

shaded at dark.

She drove herself mad.

Her life forever sad.

Holding onto wasted memories.

That they once had.

As the night drifts by.

She only misses

the man of her dreams .

That heightened her senses.

As she sits alone

in her widow's weeds.

The loyal heart

begins to freeze.

Time forever frozen.

She remains so beautiful.

She's a mystery of love.

As flowing as a waterfall.

In a room of silence.

She tries to get some sleep.

As a frantic tear escapes her eye.

She hears the telephone ring.

She answered it

quickly .

Faster than the sound.

As she hear's his voice

she knew her love was found.

She speeds away into the edge of town.

And they dance in the moonlight.

That shines her ballroom gown.

He blames himself.

For leaving too soon.

Yet, true love stayed true.

As the skies return blue.

Her senses are a power.

A life soaring thrill.

As they return home

to the mansion on the hill.

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