Is Modern Man An "EndGame"

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I cannot see modern humans as we know them being the major species on this planet in 500 Years time

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



Just like THAT Ultimate Dlnosaur T-Rex who ruled this planet all those millions of years a go I Think that we humans as a dominant species are destined to become a lesser species in the scheme of things than we are now.

OKE So it was most likely a super large meterorite that now lies buried in the gulf of mexico ocean that started the decline of T-Rex due to "irreversible" climate change due to the impact crater "blasting" huge amounts of dust into the worlds atmosphere and blocking the sunlight for many years.Even today we are digging up genuine "unhatched" Dinosaur eggs that have lain dormant for millions of years.

We are the ultimate "clever" species that can do most of whats in our imagination and make it a reality.Our major weakness is our inability to "get on" with each other both on a personal and group scenario.

In many smaller ways we are "plundering" both the worlds atmosphere and aceans and it seems obvious to me that within the next 100 Years or so our planet and our species and others as well will be "ravaged" by irreversible "climate" upheavals.

We as a species have not got the communication skills to think and speak as"ONE" and eventually the world as we know it will "in the blink of an eye" so to speak become virtually inhospitable to human civilisation as we know it.

This will be the culmination of hundreds or even thousands of little steps of environmental vandalism that will all add up to a major negative for our species and also all others.

By then we will probably have some humans living on man made satellites far out into space possibly utilising "nuclear fusion" reactors for their energy needs.These reactors are not yet a reality but on a small scale some already exist and the march of technology will ensure their full scale use by then.




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