Chained heart

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this is a poem i wrote about a girl who is constantly being bullied and hurt by everyone around her and she had to end it because she can't take it anymore , so don't cry and please stop bullying people , it hurts...

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



A new dawn is arising

So you can now as well sto crying

This is a chance to change a history

Erase your past and maybe write a new story

So my little one , don't feel afraid

You may have done bad things but don't be scared

It's not your fault

That you had to assault

They hurt you & broke your heart

More than it was already shattered from the start

They broke you and killed you inside

I can see it by all the scars you're trying to hide

I know you've been hurt before like a thousand times

This had to be done so they can pay for their crimes

They kept on breaking you down

Kicked you out and stole your crown

Be rest assured, that I will stay by your side

So now it is time for you to decide

Will you move forward with pride?

or continue crying till you're petrified ?

Now is your time to shine 

Wipe your tears off and you'll be fine

You may have been hurt before

But at least you learned a new lesson for sure

Sometimes you must be hurt in order to know

fall in order to grow

lose in order to gain

some lessons are learned best through pain

In the end , she didn't change her past

Neither a spell was ever cast

She didn't change her history

Simply , she moved on with her story

About a beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes

A hidden world of hurt and lies

© Copyright 2019 Noran Ehab. All rights reserved.

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