The Vampire Stories Chapter 2

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Damon tells me something.....
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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Damon Tells me somethingw

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



Chapter 2: Damon tells me something
So Damon said yesterday he was going to teach me how to do use this tool.
It looks like a lasso it’s pretty long about 30 feet well if you make it that long.
There are these 2 giant poles outside about 10 feet wide and 20 feet tall.
With these things sticking out from there to practice for using the lasso.
So we start and I get one I can’t do it that we’ll but Damon teaches me how to do it better Rose is outside with some of her friends. They were talking about something I couldn’t hear them but I knew that they were saying something about what we were doing. Occasionally I would get told to turn around to get my picture taken for some reason. Then I would get back to doing what I was suppose to be doing. Then I started to hear what they were talking about. Oh yeah Roses friends names are Summer and Lily. Also I figured out Rose and Damon were dating to.
Rose: “He’s just learning how to do this and I need to take some pictures.”
Lily: “Don’t you think your treating him like he’s your son?”
Summer: “Yeah you have been taking pictures and talking about him a lot.”
Rose: “Okay maybe I do want a kid but when you’re a vampire you can’t have any kids.”
Lily: “Well if you became a human you could.”
Summer: “Don’t even give her the idea of turning human. Because Logan never went by a human yet.”
Rose: “Tomorrow I am going to be taking him to town.”
Lily: “Okay that’s a good idea.”
Then that’s all I could hear of their conversation. Then Roses friends went home after 30 minutes. Then me and Damon started talking.
Damon: “Logan you have been getting better at this do you think you got it?”
Me: “Yeah I think I got better at this.”
Damon: “Good now go inside and eat me and Rose have to talk about something.”
Me: “Okay what is there?”
Damon: “Just some pizza tonight”
So I walk into the house and I was wondering what are they talking about? I wanted to know so bad but I didn’t want to eavesdrop. Are  they going to be talking about what Rose and her friends were talking about earlier? I don’t know but what I do know is that I do get pizza!
Later that night I asked Rose if she could come outside for a second. She came I was going to ask her about what she was talking about earlier.
Me: “Rose I heard you talking to Lily and Summer earlier today….”
Rose: “Oh yeah about all of that stuff. As your probably heard Vampires can’t have kids. So when I found you I didn’t turn you into a vampire because you were young. I did because you just looked like your were a kid that could have a great potential.”
Me: “That’s still doesn’t explain everything but I do understand what your getting to.”
Then Damon walks out then he realizes what we were talking about. He doesn’t know what to do .
Damon: “Logan I think you should go to sleep.”
I get up walk to my room fall asleep then I start to think. Will they still ask if I wanted to be adopted? I don’t want them to feel awkward talking to me or be around me. Tomorrow Rose was going to take me to town I don’t know if she still will. I’m guessing she will still but we can’t be fore sure yet.
I woke up the next day got out of bed walked around the house. I couldn’t find anyone no one was there. I went to go get my phone I got my phone and I decided to call Stef. I haven’t talked to him in a while and he didn’t know about the adoption thing. So I decided to call Stef then he picked up.
Stef: “Yeah Logan what’s up?”
Me: “I just woke up walked around the whole house and no one is here.”
Stef: “Really that’s not normal did you call them yet?”
Me: “No, because yesterday when Damon was teaching me something. And I heard Rose and her friends talking. And then they started talking about Rose and Damon might adopt me. Or something like that.”
Stef: “So you just woke up walked around the house and no one was home. Yeah you might want to call them and see what’s up.”
Me: “Okay bye.”
So I hung up and I was going to call Damon. But then I hear the door open….. So I slowly walk to the door. I peeked around the corner and I didn’t see anyone. I see a shadow in the kitchen. I know it’s not Damon or Rose because they would say something. So I walk down to the hall peeked around the kitchen corner I see Lily. I hear her on the phone talking to someone.
Lily: “Ya I’m in the house Damon said he was home.”
Lily: “Yeah no one’s home right now.”
Lily: “Yeah he’s sleeping I don’t hear anyone walking around or anything.”
Lily: “Okay im going he’s 13 and new to be a vampire I can.”
Lily: “Okay see you in 20.”
She starts walking over to my room. Who was she talking to I had so many questions that couldn’t be answered at this moment. I hear the front porch Damon and Rose must be home. I go over to the door I slowly open it.
Me: *quietly* “Lily is in my room looking for me I don’t know why though she was talking to someone”
Rose: “Damon let’s go talk to her.”
So they start walking towards my room and Lily sees Rose
Lily: “Your home early.”
Rose: “We went to get groceries.”
Lily: “Where’s Da-“
She gets cuts off next thing she knows she on the ground Damon standing next to her.
Damon: “Right here now why are you here.”
Lily: “I’m not saying anything.”
Rose: “Logan get some wood!”
Lily: “NO NO NO!”
Me: “Okay on it!”
I walk outside and take a chunk of wood from a 2 by 4. I walk back inside and hand it to Rose.
Rose: “Now you have 5 seconds to tell us or you die.”
Lily: “Okay okay okay I’ll talk!”
Lily sits up.
Damon: “Logan go upstairs don’t worry she’ll be okay if she doesn’t stand up.”
Me: “Okay”.
I go upstairs and just sit there waiting. But downstairs this is happening
Rose: “Why are you here and don’t lie or you will die.”
Lily: “You know how Logan is a teenage vampire?”
Damon: “Yes.”
Lily: “Some vampires want him so they can trick you. By taking Logan that will make you guys look for him. And when you found him you both and Logan would be dead.”
Damon: “So why did you agree to do the job?”
Lily: “Because if I didn’t I would be killed.
Damon: “Rose go upstairs by Logan quickly.”
Rose: “Don’t do anything stupid now Damon.”
Rose comes upstairs by me we just sit there.
Damon: “Now you’re going to go back to the vampires and say you couldn’t fitness Logan at ALL. You understand?”
Lily: “but what if-“
Damon motions her to go. Lily leaves we go back down stairs.
Damon: “Logan I’m going to teach you how to fight in case something like that every happens again.”
Damon teaches me how to fight and that if you stab a vampire with wood in the heart they die.

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