Night Crawler And The Sunshine

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Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



In the morning.

I sleep inside.

A hollow tree .

A view bird's eye.

As the butterflies

breeze on by.

She removes the mountains

and begins to rise.

The ground in which I made my spire .

Temperature warming like a fire.

She sends her love in the early bright.

I receive her love

in the dark of night .

She never moves.

That star stays put.

It takes a year

when I move a foot.

She grows the trees .

They sprout their leaves.

They produce the oxygen

for all to breath.

We go together

like winter and spring.

I am made for sacrifice.

They cover with screen.

Both of our lives.

Made for raw despair.

We try to love

like an unlikely pair.

We can't find another.

We are doomed to be alone .

Yet, we want each other.

To be our home.

She stays by day

but fades away.

To a place

where I can not stay.

As I watch her vanish .

Without a sound.

I crawl to rest

inside the ground.

She seems so close.

As if on land she were breached.

But, when I finally reach my love.

She's still so far out of reach.

Every last dream .

I forced my heart to believe.

Was just a force of nature.

That only the world

could keep.

Part of earth.

Millions old.

She's alive through the seasons.

Yet, I could die in the cold.

As I tunnel my way

through unknown yards.

She is spread across the world.

On different parts.

I thought that I was the only one.

Like Jesus was the only son.

All along I could never love.

A sun who's faith

has came undone.

My words were lies.

Turned snow white .

For I still await her rise.

In the early bright.

Love is brittle.

Life is a riddle.

As I crawl towards the light.

To meet her in the middle.

Until I see her sister moon.

I realize she's left again.

All too soon.

But , every day the light returns.

And beholds the beauty

of my sun that burns. .

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