Thrill Seekers

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
In a continent called Gregario where the sun had a shape of a cube possesses beautiful sceneries such as the purple clouds, orange skies, green water, and the 5 different races that inhabited the continent. Every men and women were fused with a special capabillity that is called a "feature".
Claine Rylet, a young man with a spiky hair but points to the left side and a small but flexible physique. He had a black colored hair and green eyes. The young man does not have aims for life had a unique feature. his feature is called Realization. He can use any feature. the downfall is, it won't work normally. like a fire that can't burn, water that is undrinkable and many more examples. He proudly declares that he is the strongest but he is physically weak, his intelligence is average too. But, there is a thing that redeems him as the strongest man in the world! His charms, unwavering will and leadership skills.
How would he fare in the lands of Thrill Seekers in Gregario?

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An Average Day of the World's Greatest

Submitted: August 21, 2017

The Thriller Academy Area covers up to 5 squared kilometers of space.
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I did not know that Luck was that strong.

Submitted: August 26, 2017

Well, Luck is a powerful thing. It can even ignore the laws of physics here in Gregario. Read Chapter

A Bard that became a Gambler

Submitted: September 02, 2017

A Trae-Bear is 2x larger than your ordinary grizzly bear. Read Chapter

The King

Submitted: September 09, 2017

The strategical positions seen were made by Claine himself.
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The Rebirth

Submitted: September 15, 2017

All the "Plotholes" will be explained in the version 2 of chapter five, I hope.
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