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Submitted: August 21, 2017

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Submitted: August 21, 2017



She is .....

The one who will stand by you til the end.

The one who will believe in you until you show her otherwise.

The one who will always try to become better; fighting those who have convinced her otherwise.

She is....

The one who remains calm when others lose their disposition.

Who will show you her affection through consideration.

The one who knows when you are lying to her; but too polite to correct you.

The one who will give you the last dollar in her pocket because you need it more.

She is...

The one you yelled at and criticized.

The decent person whose light you tried to dim in order to make yours shine.

The one with the most potential; which is yet to be realized fully.

The one who is self directed and well mannered.

She is....

The one who shows up when you are ill.

The one who will put herself second because you needed to be first.

The one who needs to stretch her limbs and detox her mind from the mean ways of some.

The one who loves unconditionally because she knows the impact of conditions.

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