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Submitted: August 21, 2017



While she was walking with her friends on the way to the school, she saw him for the first time. She felt the world stopped for while. The girls were pulling her but she wasn't focus on them but him. She couldn't hear them calling her to hurry up to attend the class. She was attracted to that new guy wearing white T-shirt and jeans. She saw his pretty smile. She has never seen a smile like his. His smile made him a special.

"Hey ! Miley ! Wake up!" her friend Eliza yelled.

"Do u see us? Come on ! What are u looking for?" Serena asked.

"We're late, let's go!" Eliza said and pulled her to the school.

So Miley woke up from her coma. She hurried to attend the class. She was distracted with the image of that guy and asking herself if she would see him again.

It was her second year in that school. She was almost thirteen years old.

In the break, she was the first to leave the classroom. She hurried to the yard to look for that guy. She didn't want for her friends. It was the first time when she didn't wait for them.

"Where is he?" she asked herself. " who's he? Come here please! Hope he study here. And if he study here,in which level?" she was talking to herself and turning around looking for him.

Suddenly, Eliza came. " what's wrong with you today ? "Eliza asked.


"Look at you! You were distracted and you left quickly. We were calling your name to wait but you didn't listen."

"Oh sorry ! " she kept looking.

"What are you looking for crazy dork !? "

"A smile ! "

"What ? "

"I saw someone. "

" who?"

"I don't know!"

"Are you crazy ? "

"I remember his smile. I saw him when we were on the way. And I can't erase him from my mind."

"Why you didn't tell us when you saw him?"

"You pulled me in. I didn't have time."

"We were late. Do you see him now?"

"No! I didn't find him. I wish I see him again. I wish I would know his name or level."

"Girl! Did you love him from first sight ? "

Miley smiled and said "no! Don't be stupid!"

But she felt something weird deep inside. It was her first time. The first time when she focused on a guy. Anyway, she was so young. She was a teenager.

That day was special and different. Since that day, she has started looking for that guy daily. But she couldn't find him. No one attracted her except him.

There was a moment when she stopped looking for him. She gave up. Because she spent weeks looking for him.

She doesn't know that destiny has an unexpected surprise for her.

One day, when she was in her room her brother Steve called her name. He has just came into home. So she went to check him. She was smiling as usual "yes Steve ! " she replied.

Then she saw someone with him. He was standing behind him. So he moved to greet her. He shook her hand saying " hello!"

" this is my friend Mike . And this is my youngest sis Miley " Steve introduced them.

"Omg that smile ! " Miley whispered." this is him "

"Oh hey Mike. Nice to meet you." Miley said.

"Okay! Let's go now. Come on ! " Steve pulled Mike out.

After they left, Miley stayed in the same place. She was surprised. She couldn't believe what has just happened.

The person ,that she was looking for, came in her house. And he's her brother's friend.

"Is this destiny ? "She asked herself. " I couldn't find him but he did."

The next day she wanted to tell her friends. But she was hesitated because she knows that they would leak her secret. And she didn't  want him to know.

But she told them some things about him. She told them that she saw him again. But she didn't tell them his name.

The next day, she saw him again in the school. Finding him became easier than the beginning.

Mike became one of her priorities. He was the first that she look for in the school.

One afternoon, he was in front of the school with his friends. She stayed outside looking at him and smiling. She didn't try to talk to him. All what she wanted was seeing his smile. Eliza followed her and asked "What are you doing here all alone?"

"Nothing ! " Miley responded.

"He's here, isn't he ? "

" well!"

"I expected that " Eliza said. " point him ! Who's he?" she was so curious.

"No no ! He's not here. Let's go!" Miley said. She didn't want her to know him.

"Come on! Give me a name. " Eliza insisted.

"Mike ! Are you happy now?"

"Oh is this your crush ? " she pointed him.

"Shhtt ! He will hear you. He's not this guy. You're wrong . " Miley said." let's go inside!" she added and held her hand.

"I'm sure that's him. Why you're keeping secrets from us? " Eliza asked.

"I'm not."

When they came in, they met the rest of the group. There were other two girls.

"Girls ! Miley likes Mike from the terminal class."Eliza shouting.

"No you're wrong ! " Miley said.

"Stop lying ! " Eliza said.

"If you keep talking about this I'll leave."

"Relax Miley ! " Serena said.

Miley tried to deny the truth to stop her friends from leaking her secret.

By the time Mike and her brother became good friends. They passed nights in each others houses. And every time Mike sees Miley he smiles and greets her. So her friends made sure that he was her crush. Despite her denial they saw the truth.

One day, when she was looking in her bag for pens, Mike came smiling as usual and greeted her. When she saw him she felt nervous. And when she shook his hand, her pencils fell down from her hand. So he caught the pencils instead of her. She was amazed by his acts.

All what they exchange both of them was smiles and hello. They said nothing more. So Miley didn't try to say anything more. She wasn't ready to talk about her feelings that were increasing by the time.

Mike became so close to her family. Even when Miley, her sister Emily and her brother Steve were going to her older brother's house, he joined them. He sat on her brother's lap. They were making jokes. And Steve was beating him. He was joking. But Miley felt something about him so she spoke to her brother " stop! Don't do that with him!"

So her brother responded " this is not your business ! "

" Why you told him that?" Emily asked her.

" I don't know! I don't like it." she respomded.

Mike was gentleman, kind and good looking guy. He was perfect into her eyes.

She expected that Mike had the same feelings but she avoided talking about that.

Miley used to trust papers and pencils more than people. Because she knows that papers don't leak secrets. So she was writing everything in her mind. She wrote about her life, her problems and her first love Mike. She wrote a lot about him.

By the time, she was sure and certain from her love for him. She thought about the consequences of telling him her feelings. She thought about what her brother would feel and how he will react when he finds out that she had feelings for his best friend. All those thoughts pushed her back. She wasn't ready to talk. She was too young to put herself in such situation. She was too young to face her family for him. Besides she couldn't ask for her friends help. She knew that they make things worse. Because they used to hurt her in the name of joking. Actually, they enjoyed hurting others. That made them laugh. It's true that they were her best friends but they're different from her. Whenever she had tried to become like them, she failed. Because she was too sensitive to be harsh to others. Even when they made her cry, she has never faced them or told them that she was hurt. And she didn't do anything for revenge. Simply she was kind of people who prefer to see everyone happy even if she was not. She kept defending them in front of others. But they never seen what she did for them.

There was a once when Serena fainted in the school. And Miley was shocked. She felt scared about her. They curried her inside the administration. And the principal fired them. But Miley was crying. She couldn't control her tears. She loved her friends especially Serena. So she didn't leave. She told him that she won't leave without seeing her. She was the only one of her friends who was crying. A guy was walking to his classroom saw her, so he came close and asked " Are you Steve's sister ? "


"Why you're crying ? Is your sister fainted?"

"She's my friend ! "

When the guy saw her broken, he expected that she was upset about her sister. But when he knew that she was her friend, he left. She loved her friends more than they did.

After a while, the principal got out again angry " Why you didn't leave? And you why you're still crying ? You're looking for troubles! Huh! OK I'll fire you ! "

" But I didn't do anything ! "

" no you're responsible for everything happened in front of me. To my office now!"

He made her write a paper and signed on it. He blamed her for everything and nothing.

What was her mistake ? Is it wrong to feel worried about your friend ? 

After writing that paper, and she was the only one from her friends who did it, she called her brothers to come. And when they came and saw her crying, they felt scared. They asked her about the problem. But the principal let them into his office. And probably he told them some lies. He told them bullshit. He was an impolite liar.


The weird thing, that his daughter will be her best friend after four years. And the most awkward thing that she will trust her and tell her all her secrets except that her father was a liar.


Miley was so sensitive, honest and faithful. Miley was always honest and harmless. But her problem was that she defended everyone except herself. She never defended herself .she used to let others say lies and hurt her without stopping them. She should have scream out and shut them. But she didn't.


By the years, Miley loved Mike more and more without telling him. She has never been in relationship. She didn't like anyone. She wasn't interested in any guy or in relationships in general.

One summer, when she was walking up with her friends near the beach, she saw Mike sitting on the huge stones in front of the sea. He was stunning. He became prettier than the old days. She stopped and said "Girls! I have something to do. I'll follow you later."

"What are you going to do?" Samantha asked.

"I'll do what I was too coward to d in the past. Destiny just gave me another chance."

"I don't know what are you talking about but take care." Samantha said.

"Yeah,see you later."

Miley climbed the stones. She arrived at the place where Mike was sitting. He was alone. When she sat near him,he turned to see her. She was pretty confident and beautiful. 

"Miley! Hey you!" Mike greeted her with kissing her on the cheek. It was the first time when he does that.

"I can't believe that I met you here." Mike added.

"Me neither. "

" Where have you been ? And how are you doing ? "

"I'll ask you the same questions." she smiled.

"Well ! I'm fine. Nothing special in my life."

"I'm fine as well. But I have something special now."

"Really ! What is it?"

"Brave ! Here I'm talking to you after all these years. I've never forgotten you."

" Me too."

"I was to set myself free by saying the things that I couldn't say before."

"Tell me Miley. "

" Do you want to know?"

"For sure!"

"I'm twenty one now and I couldn't erase you from my mind despite the distance and the years."

" I didn't forget you as well. I'm really glad to see you."

" you were my first love Mike. And I didn't love anyone except you. I loved you the first time I saw you. "

"When I visited your house, isn't it?"

"No! Actually I saw you before that day in front of the school. You were wearing white t-shirt. I've never forgotten that day. I remember your face and your smile until now. I was a kid and I didn't have courage to tell you."

Mike listened to her carefully. But he didn't say a word.

"So ! Do you have any comment before I leave?" Miley asked.

"Are you leaving ? "



" I'll follow my friends. Tell me if you have something to say now!"

"Actually I was more coward than you. I tried to tell you the truth many times but I couldn't. I felt that I would cheat your brother. I couldn't put him down. He trusted me like a brother. So I couldn't do that. I couldn't tell you that I love you more. Whenever I see you I feel so happy and hopeful. And I couldn't forget about as well. Rather I didn't want too. How can I erase a shining innocent girl like you?"

"Somehow I expected that you loved me too but I wasn't sure."

"Do you still in love with me?"

"Why do you think I'm talking to you now?"

"Miley ! You don't know me very well!"

"I'll know you if you allow what's your decision ? "

He pulled her suddenly and hugged her. She was shocked.

"Thanks Miley ! Thank you for being here and for giving me a chance. I truly love you. My love never faded."

"I love you too Mike. " she replied and ended the hug.

It was a dream that finally came true. She has never expected that would happen. But it happened after all those years.

They went out in some dates.

One day, she stopped meeting him without reason.

She met her best friend Rose, she told her everything was happening with her. She also told her that she used to have fears from the future of relationships. And she doesn't know how to deal with emotions. She was trying to avoid meeting him because she doesn't know how to train her emotions. 

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