Loving a stranger

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Submitted: August 21, 2017

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Submitted: August 21, 2017



It was another calm and cold day. I was sitting in a café in London city. It was open to the street. I was feeling the cold air and hearing all the sounds: cars' bells, children' screams and people's talk.

I was holding my pencil and looking around. The sheet paper was still empty. I found nothing to write. I was rolling the pencil between my fingers and watching people walking in the streets.

Suddenly I felt something different. I was like smelling something in the air. I closed my eyes to see a spot of light passed by me. I opened quickly to see a girl walking next my table. It was a foggy day but I felt it sunny and clear.

I kept watching her like it was the first time when I see a girl. I couldn't stop myself. My heart was beating quickly as she was walking away. I couldn't hold it anymore. I left my things on the table except my hand bag. I was walking fast to stop her before she fade away.

"Miss! Miss! Please! " I was calling her.

She turned around smiling " Are you calling me ? "

And in a moment I felt I'm in another world. I saw nothing except her. I heard nothing except her voice. It's like the world stopped for a while.

"Hello! Are you okay ? " she asked. She woke me up from wandering.

"Oh yeah ! Actually you passed by my table when I was sitting there !" I pointed the café.

"Okay! " She was puzzled and I didn't know how to explain.

"I'm called Amal! I've been here in London for a while. Are you a foreign too ? " I was trying to have a normal conversation with her.

"Yeah! Actually I'm here for tourism. " she replied.

"Can I know your name ? If you don't mind. " I asked her politely.

"I'm called Dola! "

I was beaming stupidly. I was asking myself "What should I do? How can I explain". Then I decided to let go. I decided to delay talking about my awkward feeling.

"So what we were talking about ? " she asked me to bring back to reality again.

"Hmm actually I want to invite you for a coffee if you're free." I added" I hope you accept it".

She was thinking. She has reason. Because we were strangers.

"Okay ! I have nothing to do anyway ! " she replied smiling.

"Wow thank you ! Let's go back to the café ." I said happily. I was glad that she accepted to sit with me. And I wasn't a sociable person.

We arrived at the same table. The servant maid came with smile on her face "Miss! You left your things on the table."

And she handed it to me "Thank you ! ".

"What do you want to have ? " the servant asked us.

"Well! I want another tea please!" I looked to Dola "What do you want to drink ? "

"Chocolat coffee ! " she told the servant.

I was whispering "Oh her smile is stunning ! ".

"So Amal ! You have a nice name. " she said.

"Oh thanks ! You have a nice name too. I've never heard it before."

"Yeah!" she laughed and added " I don't know why my parents gave me such a name!"

She made me laugh "It's good to be different and unique."

She was talkative and funny. I've never felt such comfortable and happy with a person before. It was a special meeting. We spent hours talking and laughing. I didn't know how we arrived at the point of discussing our personal life and sexual gender. But we were open to each other. I even told her that I was interested in girls. I've never told a stranger such a thing. No one could know about my personal life unless I told him.

But that lady was different. After hours, when  she was going to leave I didn't want to miss the chance to get her phone number. She surprised me again by giving it to me gladly.

When she left, I closed my eyes and whispered "She's the one!".

I held my pencil and I wrote down on my sheet paper :

«It's a new day of a new life. I didn't expect that my life would change suddenly. But here it is. My life was quite normal but it was fake. I said a lie of being a normal straight person and I started to believe it. I had fears, I had doubts... I wasn't ready to be openly different.. Because  people are the worst. And I was all alone. I wasn't brave enough to look outside the box. I was afraid from the lights. I was afraid from others eyes. And I had no woman to help me out.

I wrote stories and biography but I tore it into pieces. I hurt my hand, I leaked blood on it and I burned it.

I watched it while it was burning. I couldn't keep it because I was afraid from others opinions. I was afraid if anyone read it and find out who I'm. I was afraid from others judgment. I couldn't keep such an LGBT stuff.

Despite I didn't let anyone read my stories nor my biography, I was afraid from reading it.

I thought I would start a brand new life without fears. But I was wrong. My fears were getting bigger with my age. And I started to lose words. Because "you lose your creativity when you think about others opinions".

I knew that I lost creativity and I accepted it.

But after a long time, I found inspiration. She was that pretty butch lesbian that I met suddenly.

She was the one who's going to open the box to let me out to the shining side. She was the one who's going to make me write freely again. She was the one who's going to make me live openly.

She would have questions. She would wonder to know how she could be my inspiration. But I don't know how I'll explain her the situation. Is she going to believe me or she's going to think I'm just saying meaningless words??

Because she has just met me. So she doesn't know who I'm either what gifts I have.

Is she going to believe in my world?? Is she going to accept it??

But I'll write the answers down on my paper:

I'm a person who believes in difference and fate.

I'm writer and a dreamer.

I'm a wander in the unknown.

I see beyond the body.

I see beyond appearance.

I see beyond the letters.

I see what others cannot see.

I see what people cannot fake it.

I see the eternal beauty beyond the fading one..

And I saw her spark, I felt her soul..

I feel her in my heart..

I feel her in my bones..

She doesn't know how special she's to me..

She may think I'm in a hurry.. she may think it's temporary feeling..

But the truth I saw the life's key in her hand... I see a perfect soul beyond her body.. I see a caring lover beyond her her hesitation..

I adore her style.. I adore her laugh.. I adore her soul

I adore being with a butch girl.. I adore thus tomboy..

They want to change her because they don't know..

They want to change her because they don't have my eyes..

I'm dying to be in her arms.. despite I'm strict with others..

I'm dying to be with Dola while she's being a tomboy..

I'm dying to touch her face..

I'm dying to touch her lips..

I'm dying to feel her lips, her tongue and her body on me..

I'm dying to hold her hand and wander the streets..

I want to be with this butch forever..

I want to lay down with her.. despite I'm not available for all..

I don't have temporary feelings for a lady.. I have eternal ones..

I'm in love.. this is love from first time..»


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