As fate would have it.

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An unexpected outcome at a job appointment.

Submitted: August 21, 2017

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Submitted: August 21, 2017



As fate would have it.


How long had it been when Barry noticed he´d unconsciously turned off the alarm clock and gone back to sleep, he glanced at the clock and couldn´t believe his eyes, 45 min!, this is not happening he thought as he rushed out of bed and practically stumbled over his shoes as he reached for his clothes that were neatly folded on his night stand. He got dressed as hurriedly as possible and ran downstairs to pick up his car keys and drive to his appointment that was scheduled in 20 min. His first job appointment in three weeks! and he was going to be late. As he grabbed his keys he remembered that he hadn´t brushed his hair nor his teeth…aghhhh, he groaned and leapt up the stairs to the bathroom. Suddenly the phone rang!, who could possibly be calling him at this hour, forget that, whomever it is will call again later. When the deed was done, he hurried again downstairs and slammed the door behind him.


One of those days, he thought as he was moderately speeding towards his destination, that´s what today is…one of those days! ; Fate having a weird sense of humor would´ve agreed with him as he took freeway 55 and hadn´t gone too far when he was stopped by a traffic jam, nooooooo! he slammed his hands on the steering wheel, this can´t be happening!, he looked at his watch and acknowledged that he just had 5 min. to get to his appointment.


Traffic started moving along and he finally noticed the cause of the jam, mmmm, If it´s any comfort you´re not the only one having a rough start today, he said to himself, a well-dressed man was having a hard time pushing his car to the side of the road obviously with some type of car trouble and drivers, passing by, kept yelling at him, Barry couldn´t make out the words exactly but he was sure it was by no means anything nice. Damn it! He felt sorry for the man, you have problems of your own Barry!, he thought, but couldn´t resist parking behind the man´s car and getting out to help. What a morning!....huh, said Barry as he pushed the car along with the man, yeahhhh, it suddenly just died on me! answered the sweaty man. Gotta get downtown as soon as possible!,…hey I´m headed that way if you´d like to tag along, said Barry, Wonderful, you´re a life saver buddy!, the man got into Barry´s car and they drove away, I´ll pick up the darn thing later in the evening, Peter Manning, nice to meet you…..Barry White, likewise. Peter stared at Barry´s pale face and said, you gotta be joking!....nope! said Barry…my parents´ were funny people, weren´t they?....both men laughed heartily.


Barry pulled into a narrow street and Peter, said: I´ll get off here Barry, thanks Bud! problem Peter!, see you around. What a nice guy Barry thought.


As Peter shut the door, Barry thought, well no sense in rushing it, I´m already late. So he drove for another couple of streets remembering that there was a parking lot nearby. After leaving his car behind Barry saw the address of his job interview written on a post it he´d jotted down back at home, 2219 Belmont Ave. third floor, took out his phone, checked his google map and walked for another block. He got to a nice modern building and looked up, yep, this is the place. Here goes nothing!


He leapt up the stairs again ignoring the elevator, thinking about the impatience he´d display if the elevator took too long, You´re such a nutcase Barry!, he laughed. As he stood out of the office entry of the third floor, he drew a long breath and walked in. there was a nice lady wearing glasses, sitting behind a desk with a laptop screen open, moved her sight away from it and looked at him. Good morning, how can I help you? she asked…Hello, my name is Mr. White, trying to avoid the Barry, once a day is enough he thought, and giggled, I had a 10 o´clock appointment, looking at the clock on the wall, 10:35 it read,…I´m sorry I´m late, he said again.


She smiled, got out of her chair and walked to a door. She opened it slightly and announced him: A Mr. White to see you sir…..Barry heard footsteps approaching the door and the nice lady moved back a couple of steps. Barry sighed as he saw a familiar man walk through the doorway. The man said, well, well, well, if it isn´t Barry White with the funny parents!…both men laughed and shook hands as if they were old friends. Come in said Peter manning


Fate does have a weird sense of humor after all.


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