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Just a brain storm on how I view the world and an explanation for my rampant extroversion

Submitted: August 21, 2017

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Submitted: August 21, 2017



Yes I am smiling
I smile a lot
Not a vacant smile 
Not fake
It's real.
You wear a lot of armor 
You scowl 
Maybe you smirk
Dyed hair
Pierced flesh
Will intimidate 
Or muscles 
Or perfection 
You appear above it all
Disdaining others notice
Hoping their eyes will slide off you 
Or you gather attention
To attributes 
That aren't really you

But I am impervious 
I smile my smile
I look you in the eye
I see through the veil
I know at basic level
Most people have decency
And YOU look interesting to ME
I don't see your body
I don't see your face
I see your consciousness 
I see your heart

Some people love music
Some adore movies
Books are a love to many
Me, I collect people
I get to know who and what 
You are in the moment of time
Your energy touches mine
Your perspective forms new
Thoughts inside my head
Makes the world 
A bit better defined
Everything is more richly
Tapestried and the
Hues more varied and vibrant

The world is gray without 
Recognizing the individual 
Give them a chance
Hear their accented tones
Add notes to the
Music of the world 
Sing me a song of your thoughts
Paint me a picture of your experience
Tell me a true story of you 
I will walk away fed 

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