Lunar Child

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Submitted: August 21, 2017

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Submitted: August 21, 2017



A dime inside a wishing well .

A price for untamed love.

A bottle with a bell of sound

Soaring with a dove.

As the darkness sets

in the heart of day ;

I play the harp so loud.

Love is humming through

the strings.

The sky fills with a cloud.

I try to cleanse these stained regrets.

That suffocate my life.

Purity within a soul

has became my loving bride.

A lonesome heart

beats fast and wild.

From the heat of humidity.

As a lunar child

pulls the stars

into an eternity.


of folklore whine

In the fire , I'm done too well .

As I age like father time

My heart is up for sell.

I can't tell the day from night.

The pain has done me in.

These pure white lies

you told with truth

blow through the eyes of wind.

The moon has left

the sun behind.

In this world

I've fallen hard.

I'm a lunar child

counting stars

that drifted far apart.

I tried to dry the ocean waves

with a small monsoon.

A million tears

from wasted years

fit in a tablespoon.

Is it enough

to melt the dawn ?

It's clear I've had enough.

As I return to my home

with the stars

that shine at dusk.

The tide is rising

from emptiness.

The water is too deep .

Deep enough to drown my pain.

And cleanse my misery.

I tried to steal your heart

under a moonlight glow.

But, selfish you

your heart is blue

in this night ,

I'm swallowed whole.

I picked up the milestones

spread out across the sand.

This lunar child

has run away

into an unknown land.

Finished picking out this ring.

That is too small for my hand.

I can't tell the day from night.

I feel the clouds roll in .

So I disappear into the sky

and reside in silence

with my friends.

Two dimes in a wishing well.

My heart has now been sold.

Lost and forgotten

is the lunar child.

For his love can't unfold. .

He lives in smiles

a love that's true.

pouring tears on a red blood moon.

You can't seal his fate.

Your heart stained blue.

If the stars stay silent

your cheating heart

will tell on you.

An end to shame

The night meek and mild.

Giving serenity

to this lunar child.

Awaiting a new love. .

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