Hares Enjoy the Good Life as Rabbits

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A couple of rabbits enjoy the blessings given to them by the Sovereign Lord.

Submitted: August 22, 2017

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Submitted: August 22, 2017



By Greg Miller © 2017


Henry the Hare and his mate Henrietta were extremely glad to be rabbits.


“We get to hop around all the time getting plenty of exercise and eating all the bright orange juice carrots we want,” Henry reminded Henrietta.


“We certainly have easy lives,” Henrietta boasted. “And those carrots on our land are always so very moist and crunchy.”


“That’s right, Henrietta. And the land on which we live is something else, too. It’s such a large piece of property.”


“And that’s a good thing, Henry. God gave us so many wonderful neighbors with whom we get to share our lives. We need a gigantic property big enough to provide homes for all of them. And to provide a food supply adequate for all of us.”


“We’re forgetting one very important thing,” Henry said. “We live in an area that humans haven’t polluted very much. The air we breathe is so crisp and clean. It’s such a refreshing experience. If it weren’t for the air we breathe, we wouldn’t have the strength we need to chew those delicious carrots.”


Henry and Henrietta realized they had been taking for granted a major blessing -  good eyesight – from the Sovereign Lord. “I am so grateful to God we have such wonderful vision,” said Henry. Not only do we get to savor the taste and aroma of the carrots. We also get to experience the great pleasure of simply looking at them, and they are so beautiful.”


Henrietta noted that there were two additional blessings from the Lord they had been overlooking. “Number one,” she said, “We need to thank the Sovereign Lord for the human couple who plant all the carrot seeds on this property every year. They harvest just enough carrots for themselves and for some of the people in their church congregation, and they leave all the rest of the bountiful harvest to us. Also, they don’t pollute, and they keep the land clean. They are very nice.”


Henrietta also observed, "God has allowed many other rabbits to live on this property.”


“That is certainly a blessing,” said Henry. “Since we have such an abundant supply of carrots, it makes good common sense that we have lots of other rabbits with which to share them!”


Henrietta thought of a question she wanted to ask Henry. “We rabbits have a tendency to reproduce very quickly,” she said. “What will we do if we outgrow this piece of property?”


“That’s no problem at all,” Henry said. “God created the world so big that if that situation ever came about, we could just talk to Him about it, and He could give us an even larger piece of land on which to live!”


“God is so awesome!” Henrietta agreed.


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