Caribbean Nights ( Part three )

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A young man continues his Caribbean adventure while on holiday in St. Lucia with his spouse who suddenly goes missing following a tropical storm.

Submitted: August 22, 2017

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Submitted: August 22, 2017



I made it through the storm, the hotel fully intact, electrical power fully restored. My spouse was missing and it would be another day before the storm subsided that I would be able to venture outside to do a thorough search.....

My Caribbean adventure obviously didn't go as planned, but as I packed my bags, preparing  to leave the island in two days, I found a note on the night stand next to the bed. It read....

"By the time you read this note, I will be long gone, continuing my life without you. I am sorry but I couldn't tell you in person as I no longer wish to be married to you. My life needs to be different now - I need to reacquaint myself with the world again on my own. The children will be fine with you. I am sorry that I am leaving you  with the burden of having to explain to them why I can't come home...ever again. I know this is complicated and you needn't understand but I need to do this once and for all. I love you and the children so much more than words can say."

In a blink of an eye, my marriage was over - torn apart like the first draft of an essay; no warning, not even a hint that this part of my life was coming to an end.  I wasn't going to give up, however.  I am going to find my spouse - I will travel to all corners of the planet to find THAT person who I met many years ago in Charlotte Amalie, the person who had become my partner in life, my soul mate, my everything! I deserved an explanation....I needed and wanted!

In two days, I would be off to Grenada as I have a sneaking suspicion that is where my spouse has flown off to; the children have the right to know and understand why their father no longer wants to be a part of their lives....why their mother had a sudden apiphany....why she no longer loves them or cares about being in their lives.

This father, however, is going to find  those answers.....this father is going to search for his wifeand the other mother of our children. I am sure this is not the kind of family one would  expect to hear about in the traditional sense,  but it is as real as it gets - even when things turn sour. And so another adventure is about the unfold..... Caribbean adventure will continue. I am sure my spouse isn't too far. One can only get rid of the Caribbean until it decides to get rid of you. I looked down at my ticket to Grenada,  on my night table, never more ready to tackle what is waiting for me there. I looked into the bathroom mirror with a wry smile. If it's a chase she wants then it's a chase he's gonna get...

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