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Will this dancer let go of her dreams or will she stay.

Submitted: August 23, 2017

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Submitted: August 22, 2017



Dancing. It's very close to my heart. It's how this whole thing started, and it's how I want it to end. I am in a tug of war with my mind, so many paths, so many hard choices to make and so many life destroying mistakes you can make. I just want to dance. I don't want to have this weight on my shouldars any more, but I can't just give up all this weight and try to dance at the same time. What is most important in my life? Whats worth living to begin in life? Am I to throw it away and live a simple life? Or is it to be free to do what I love with my heart? He holds my hand reasuringly, starring into my soul. He sees confusion, uncertianness, a lost wandering person blinded by reality. He speaks with the voice of angel, so lurring, bringing me to actually considering his advice.

"Come with me, we can live life simple. No more weight. Pain."

That doesn't sound so bad, wouldn't it be nice to actually settle down to-. What am I, crazy? What fool would even think about considering that opition? No! I've worked to hard for this, in the finial round to the chamionships, if we get through we'll be up against famous world wide dancers. We could have a shot of winning respect, fame, and history making. I've come too far to give up such a opitunity to go through to the championships. I've been through pain, death, scars and tears. I'm not dropping my dreams now and not till I've accomplished my dream! Don't stop dreaming! If you dream it you can accomplish it!

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