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I've always been fascinated with the story of Lucifer, and how he fell from Heaven. No, this does not mean I am a satanist because, due to the fact that I am not religious at all, I see the bible as a novel just as any other old book, and I particularly like this character. I've been attempting to write a story based around him, as I see him. I've gotten this little piece together, but I also have a different version which I will post if this one receives enough positive feedback. They both have the same plot, group of people who will be lead by the son of Michael to fight Lucifer, but they don't know it yet. I just go about a different way of telling the opening scene. In this version, Lucifer seems more collective, as if he's not trying to torment Ashley, but simply inform her, with force if needed. In the second version, he's more cynical, and plays mind games on her, pushes her up to the brink of insanity right before she wakes up. The difference is, even though he's being portrayed as the villain in both pieces, in one it makes it seem like he doesn't want to be the villain, but he will, because he has to. In the second one, it's almost as if he's began to embrace the role.

Submitted: August 22, 2017

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Submitted: August 22, 2017



 The city of Aurora has recently been one of the most peaceful places in the country. Some might even go as far to call it a modern day utopia. There hadn't been any serious crimes for six months, just the usual car robbery or a drunk getting out of hand.
Although, today that all changed. Many of the city's residents were attending the celebration of the Mayor's birthday at the downtown park. The weather outside was soothingly warm, with a subtle breeze of cool air every now and then. You could hear children
playing and running in the distance, and smell the aroma of hotdogs and hamburgers gliding on the air. Moms were sitting around the site, trading stories about their eventful children, while the dads were sectioned off, tossing a football and having a
chat over who might win the finals this year. Then there were the teenagers, nicknamed the "life of Aurora", as they were usually behind any excitement that went on within the city. Most of the teenagers found themselves seeking air conditioning and a
WiFi connection inside the park's main lobby, or "The Den", as they called it. It seemed like a perfect day, right up until the moment an argument broke out in the den. The captain of the football team, Brandon, was caught in the act of cheating on his
girlfriend in the den's Bathroom. "How could you do this to me?" sobbed Jessica. "I-I'm sorry, I promise I don't know what I was doing... I lost control." he pleaded. She was too broken to listen though, she pushed him away and ran outside. "He was thinking
about proposing to her, why would he suddenly throw that away for a quick kiss?" questioned Rebecca, one of the six members of a well-known clique. "You're right, he's never so much as looked at another girl, let alone cheat," remarked Connor. "This kinda
reminds me of--," said Derrick, as he stopped his line of thought to turn around to see what caused a sudden commotion. Jessica's ex-boyfriend hit Brandon, knocking him to the ground, and continued to hit him while yelling "You didn't deserve her!" He
quickly got thrown off of the captain by his fellow teammates. Sherriff Bates rushed in after hearing all the noise, and asked what was happening in a stern voice. "I don't know why I did that... I swear I'm over her, I just lost control..." he stuttered.
"Did you hear that? That's exactly what Brandon said, that he lost control. I swear this feels like deja vu." Derrick whispered to the group. "You're right, It feels like I've lived through this all before." replied Alice. "Did you two accidentally eat
one of those ganja brownies again?" teased Jason. Ashley, the sixth member of the group, started to mumble something. She was known for mistaking common mishaps as the workings of the devil, but noone ever knew why. "What was that, Ashley?" asked Jessica.
"They're right, it's him... this is his work-" Ashley replied, before she was cut off by Jason. "Let me stop you right there, Ash, before you get carried away." he said. "No! This isn't like the other times, I can feel it. It's him... Lucifer." she eerily responded. The other five started to laugh at how ridiculous she sounded, but then suddenly, they froze in time. The room grew dead silent, and Ashley was the only one able to move. She started to look around and panic, then suddenly she heard a slow clap. Clap, clap, clap.. Then there was a voice, deeper than any man's voice but with a tone as delicate as a woman's. "I'm impressed, Ashley. You've proven once again you're a worthy heir of my brother." "Your br- who- what-, what's going on here? Who are you? Show
yourself." Ashley responded, with fear and confusion in her voice. "My apologies, where are my manners." he replied. With a swift snap with his right hand, he made everyone in the room dissapear, other than himself and Ashley. "My name is Lucifer. It's
a pleasure to meet you again." he responded in a cynical tone. Ashley stood frozen, as her friends were, but out of fear and utter shock. She mustered up enough confidence to form her many thoughts into a question, "Wh-what do you want from me? What did
you do to them?" "I did not do anything to them. Human desire is greatly magnified when in close proximity to me. Everything they did was all them, I just simply gave them a little nudge" he smirked. "But the question you should be asking is 'What have I done to you,' Ashley. "What are you talking about? Why are you doing this? How do you know my name?" she pleaded, as a tear begin to fall down her face. "You honestly do not remember me? I'm hurt. Allow me to
refresh your memory." he said. With another swift snap, he caused the den to start transforming into an all white narrow hallway with 666 doors. "Each door leads to a time in the past where yourself and I have met." One door stood out, it was red, and
had a symbol of a tree engraved within it. "Open it, Ashley." he offered. "Why are you making me do this?" she sniffed as more tears began to fall. "Open the door, Ashley" he calmy said once more. She began to walk towards it and reached out for the handle.
The door knob shifted into a snake and wrapped around her wrist, yanking her beyond the door. She began falling down an endless path. On the way down, she began to start seeing a side of herself she had never seen before. She was in a dark forest, fighting
off beasts with blood red eyes, and her friends were there backing her up. Then suddenly, she sprouted angellic wings from her back and flew into the sky, speeding back down with a fist and blew away the small army of beasts. The deeper she fell, the
more she began to remember. She started to notice that the events she was seeing were in reverse. There was a door beneath her which she was falling to, and she felt relieved that this ride was almost over, but litte did she know, it had just begun. When
she fell through the door, she found herself on the ground in an unfamiliar place. It was a palace that shined brighter than any sun. She heard the cries of war and began running towards it. A grand golden gate stood before her, the entrance to the palace.
There stood the Archangel Michael, as tall as the eiffel tower sporting beautiful golden wings, with his armies fighting off the rebellious angels led by Lucifer in an attempt to overtake the thrown. The angels were no match for him, and all got thrown
out of the gate, one by one. When they had all fallen, a beautiful angel swooped into the gate, with six wings on his back and landed infront of Michael. It was Lucifer. "Brother, it's one thing to banish a cherub from heaven, but a fellow Archangel?
Kneel before me now and I promise to have you spared." went on Lucifer. Michael then let off a condescending chuckle. "Even when your followers have fallen, you still choose to stand against the heavenly host. You can barely hold your own against me,
let alone a fleet of angels, with orders to stop you at any means neccessary." replied Michael. He spoke with honor and integrity. Lucifer then fluttered his wings and flew full speed at Michael, iniating the greatest Battle in history. Michael was right,
Lucifer stood no chance. He was soon thrownout like his followers. But this was not the end of the war. They still had to be taken care of once they had reached Earth. Michael kneeled down to an angel standing behind in his ranks and said, "Ashonicy,
are you sure you're ready for this?" "I'm ready, father." she responded. Ashley put her hand over her mouth to cover her sobs as she realized this was her. She watched her former self sprout her wings once more and fly down to Earth. Then suddenly she
started to get sucked back into a door, which lead to the original hallway. "Do you see now? It has been your sworn duty to protect this earth from little 'ol me, since the beginning of time." Lucifer smirked. "That's not me... I-I don't have wings and
I'm not a warrior." blurted Ashley. "Once the first seal has been broken, the powers lying dormant within you will reveal themselves, and so will your friends'." he informed her. "If I'm supposed to be some kind of warrior tasked with stopping you, the
devil, why are you telling me all of this?" questioned Ashley. "You will receive the answer to that question, in time, Ashley. But in the meantime, I believe your friends need you." he responded. Then suddenly she heard her friends yelling her name from
a nearby door. She ran into it and woke up on the ground, surrounded by her friends. "Ashley! You're okay!" said Jessica with a hint of relief. "What happened? How long was I out?" she asked. "You started going on about Lucifer again, and then you fainted.
You were unconcious for about a minute." responded Jason. "A minute?! It felt like a lifetime... Wait, I'm starting to remem-" she said as she began to recall the events of her recent trip, but was stopped mid thought because she saw something. It was
Lucifer, standing amongst the crowd. Brandon walked past her line of sight with a bloody tissue in his nose, and as he passed, Lucifer was gone. "He's real..." said Ashley.

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