Caressa's Gentle Night

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Submitted: August 23, 2017

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Submitted: August 23, 2017



These binds on her heart has came undone. She can feel the sting of Midnight's love. As an empty face in time erased. Devours love in this entangled embrace.

All of my tears . Engulfed in prime I taste the ferment From lips like wine.

A ruined youth , hands keeping time. A stronger faith has came alive. Velvet petals on limber stems. My sadness has began to cringe.

She floats like whispers. They go unheard. Down winding streams and roads that curve .

Never seen by blind men's eyes. She's a phantom of love disguised. Haunting the hearts of Mourning's rise.

A legend of nothing. A worthless dream. Awaiting true love to set her free.

If you say you will. I would love you still. Throw aside the empty world. Dress your entity in gentle pearls.

She holds the key to a heart so weak. Chills my skin from touching me.

They all surrender to the light so bright. Yet,I enter the light to feel alive. Caressa has been the daring drive . That ignited my love into her gentle night.

From the mountains high. Swallowed in a painted sky. I stand so bold. Calling her name into the valley below.

She is a fragment . A dust in the wind. That once belonged to me . When the love longed to begin.

As I breathe her in. The cave has fallen in . I sit inside my memories. That are my only friends.

Red ribbon trees. Marked this oath of grace. As I sit along the fences. To view my resting place.

She is the dark. The vision without a sight. She is the morning. A love still shining bright.

As I vow to come to peace. I will make my wrongs all right. I will love her until the end. I will marry her tonight..

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