"True Lesson's Of Life From Bhagvad Gita".

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Lord Krishna speaks to Arjun about Karma Yoga (Selfless Action) in details. I Translate The conversation from Sanskrit to English in my own Way.

Submitted: August 24, 2017

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Submitted: August 24, 2017



In Mahabharata The great epic Of India during the kurukshetra war the Conversation between Arjun The Great archer warior, son of Pandu and his charioteer, the Lord Shri Krishna is depicted in Shrimad Bhagbat Geeta. I translate the Sanskrit and Hindi Version to english in my Own Way.

Arjun: He is very much sad when he see that all of his enimies in this Kurukshetra war are his relatives duryadhan and his brother, his repected elders like Vhisma Pritamaha, kripacharya, his teacher Guru Dronacharya. So he left his bow to ground and ask Lord Shri Krishna to help him find a way. Krishna: Krishna telling him in this war like situation your behaviour is so foolish. This is not a realistic behaviour of knowledgeable warior like you. You get nothing with this only be blammed. He tells to Arjun don't be impotent, don't be sentimental and stand up for fight against your enimies.

Arjun: He tells to Lord Krishna that he can't fight with his great teachers and his brothers. He tell again he don't know what to do. He ask Lord Krishna to show him right path in this war Frontier. He tells he don't want fame, Kingdom and wealth if this come from killing his uncle brothers and my respectable teachers though they are his enimies now. He then silent.

Krishna: He loughs at him then tell him that he is mourning for those people who are not eligible for that. True Knowledgeable person never mourns for anybody even for dead people.

Krishna: He tells that he is always be here and Arjun and all other opponent kings are also always there. And every body here remain in future also. He tells that human souls grow younger from childhood and then become older in human body. Body dies only but soul remains and its take another body. With the transformation of life soul going to leaving its ignorance. Lord Krishna tells Arjun that happyness and sorrow is not stable in life it is like hot and cold feelings by our sense organs which is not constant. He tells Arjun that we have to be patience enough to bear all these agony. Lord Krishna tells Arjun that The man who feels equally in happyness and sorrow be calm in both the situation equally is eligible for freedom from the circle of life. Lord Krishna tells Arjun that there is no real existence of body in Universe and our soul is unique and remain unchanged. Lord Krishna tells Arjun that no one in the universe is able to damage the soul. Lord Krishna tells Arjun that The universal soul reside in the body of all human beings and the body dies only. These soul is unchanged Remain immortal.So he tells Arjun that he must go for war against his enimies who stand in the warfront against him.

Lord Krishna tells that who thinks that he going to kill those soul or the soul is died, those mans are very fool, not have true knowledge. The soul is not killing anybody and the soul never died.

Lord Krishna tells that the soul is never take birth in past, not present and not in future also. The soul is unborn entity. Lord Krishna tells Arjun that the man who thinks that the soul is unborn, universal, unchanged, undamagable entity then how that man can kill Anybody and nobody can kill that man also. Lord Krishna tells Arjun that like the way we changed our old cloth and wearing a new cloth, the same the soul also change old unsuccessful body and take a new one. Lord Krishna tells Arjun that that no weapon can hurt the soul, the fire can burn the soul and the water can not wet the soul and the air can not dry the soul. The soul is unique, universal and always remain unchanged. Lord Krishna tells Arjun that if you think that the soul is invisible, unique, universal and always remain unchanged then you don't need to worry about it don't feel mourning. Lord Krishna tells Arjun again that if you thinks that the soul is always taking birth and always died then also you don't need to worry about it and don't feel mourning, because in this universe those who take birth he must die one day and it is predecided, and the soul takes rebirth again.

Lord Krishna tells Arjun again all living beings are unseen before birth and after die they are become invisible, we can only see them in-between the birth and death. So we dont need to be panik about it. Lord Krishna tells that some of think the soul as unbelievable entity, some of us described the soul as a unbelievable entity and some of them hear about it but don't understand the soul at all. Lord Krishna tells Arjun that you can't kill the soul in body. So don't need to be panic about it.

Lord Krishna tells Arjun that you are a warrior and you have to fight the war for royalty and for establishing law and order in its right place. To Fight here is very greatest job. He speaks to Arjun that you are so luck person that you get the opportunity for fight for truth, and reality. World you give you very honour for fighting against unrighteousness. He speak to Arjun that if you not fighting the war for establishing righteousness, then people will defame you and deserve a sin.

He speaks to Arjun that people describe your defamity for a very long time. As you are very honourable person this defamity is like a death for you. He speaks that if you don't faught the fight now those people and the other warrior thinks you before a great warrior, now they think that you leave the war as you are afraid of death and you have no courage at all.

He speaks to Arjun that if you die in the war then you go to the heavens and people remember your bravery and courage always and if you get victory in the war then get the kingdom of earth and wealth everything you want.

He speaks to Arjun that don't think about happyness and sorrow, victory and defeat about the war just faught the war because it is your duty and if you do this no sin touch to you.

Lord Krishna speaks to Arjun about Karma Yoga (Selfless Action) in details.

Arjun: He asks to Lord Krishna that What is best option for him in life, whether he should go for devotion for finding true inner knowledge or he should go for Selfless Action.

Krishna: He speaks to Arjun that nobody in Universe can acheive freedom from bondage of action ( Rebirth cycle) without doing duty the work. Detachment from material life and perform only spiritual work can not give success of true liberation that is Unification with the universal lord. He speaks to Arjun that all human being performs work either bodyly or by mind According to nature or environment surroundings them.

He speaks to Arjun that some people able to Control all the sense of organs by work but if they are not able control them from his mind, then they are foolish. He speaks to Arjun that human being can achieve freedom from circle of rebirth and can be united with universal God by his Selfless work, a work without asking any Results/Fruits, work that is not self motivated , for upliftment of others, without thinking about the failure and victory in it, just thinking that is his duty towards life. Gods give us life, happyness, wealth. We have to remember him in our daily life by devotional activities, and by work accordingly god's way.

If we eat food for only ourselfs without thinking about others and God's, then we are doing sin towards him.

Lord Krishna speaks to Arjun that there are some people who are innermineded, very near to his Soul, He don't need anything, don't depends on others, don't regret, happyness, sorrow all equal to him. Those people are above the bondage of works they are also preforming their duty selflessly and and Finnaly meets gods.

He speaks that wise people should perform their duties in such a way that others also followed him. All works we do, everything is control by our nature, but some body thinks that it is he doing by himself. He speaks that our sense organ is better than our body and our mind is better than our sense organ and our Intelligence is better than our sense organ.

Above intelligent there is our Soul. We have to Control our sense organ in such way that We can control our desire, our lust, anger, our Materialistic attachment, our Greed, our Arrogance, our Jealousy. Then only we can performed our Selfless duty towards our life and finally can meet our universal Soul. Lord Krishna speaks to Arjun that he creates the Universe, nature, human, everything.

Everytime when evil dominated in human beings He comes and destroy all evils and established the truth. He speaks to Arjun that, if we think that we are doing nothing, everything doing by our soul and our soul control by Nature. Then only we can performed true Selfless work, Without asking any Result/Friuts, not asking a Materialistic Reward From it ,only thinking is a great duty for just a general living and by this way we can Free Our self from the Endless Circle of Rebirth.

Arjun asks him that What is the Best way to Unified with God. Lord Krishna speaks him that there is many ways human can unified with him. By Devotional/Worship, by Selfless Works, By Mental Discipline/ By Philosophy. Our Goal is to Manifest Divinity Within us by controlling our Desire, Anger, our Materialistic attachment, our Greed, our Arrogance, our Jealousy, and controlling all our sense of organs to performs the work to attain the Divinity. We have to choose one idea thats most suit to us which is shown by our teachers, then follow it most, living within it, love it, dreaming within it, lets our every breaths, our brain, our muscles, full with that idea.

Lord Krishna speaks to Arjun that all this paths are equally treated by Him. There is no difference in those paths but above those he likes most to person who staying with the people and performs Selfless Deeds for the sake of Humanity, his Minds, his Works, and the Sense of Organs equally behaves like that he is doing nothing, everything governed by God's. That person unified with the universal God's very Easily.


To be Continued.

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