Heart in a Nutshell

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Its like being on a private personal emotional rollercoaster

Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: August 24, 2017



No one should want so badly to disappear like this, to want so desperately for her existence to cease. It is unnatural and unjust for this amount of pain to exist inside of one person, any person. I'm begging now, I just want it to stop, I want my life back but then again I don't want it at all. Somewhere between crying into a pillow and walks on the beach at night you realize what really matters, what's important& who really cares..Its ok to say you're not okay. Don't give everything to be set aside as if you're nothing, you matter just as much as the one you think you love, treat yourself like it. I'll die before I allow another person the ability to hurt me again. Why is there a constant cycle of people who never choose me? Why do I always feel like I have to fight and prove myself? My love and actions are always genuine. It's ok to not be okay, even if you know it'll be ok later on down the line. It's ok to fall apart sometimes. Its ok to scream, its ok to cry; cry a river and soak your jacket sleeve if that's what it takes but just know its ok. You'll pull yourself together, you'll figure it out later but for right now you're not okay and that is ok. I thought I was moving on, until one day someone asked me: if you had one wish what would it be? & the first thought was for you. Old habits are hard to break, love us even harder so forgive me if I can't stop loving you just yet. I'm working on doing so as quickly as possible. Til then unfortunately you hold the key to my pain box called heart.. Til the day I realize that it didn't hurt this time. The pain is what I was always so grateful for it was the only way I knew I was still human, but now the pain is gone. Amazing how life changes, amazing how people change, amazing how amazing those Changes turn out. Life is full of surprises, embrace every aspect of it and every changed, broken and renewed aspect of you.

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