The Explanation

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You give me mental and emotional whip lash

Submitted: August 24, 2017

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Submitted: August 24, 2017



How great was she? He asked. She was the greatest, the best actress that I have known to ever live I responded. She captured my interest in her role as the friend, stirred my soul with the part where she cared and stole my heart in her role as the lover. That character felt so real, how it came to life in my life ran circles around me giving me the sensation of love, of being loved. Hm maybe I was just too dizzy to realize it was all part of the act. He nods, I understand he says. Do you? I ask, do you understand diving into eyes like the ocean not caring if you drown in her depth? trapped there forever trying to keep your sinking heart afloat when the storms come and the winds rock your happy sails. Praying to your Goddess, your love. Please dont let me sink, please don't let us sink, please keep our love afloat. Do you understand falling in love with a heart and soul so deeply that they become part of you and you can't be yourself without that person yet you have no choice so you stand idly by not knowing what to think, what to feel, what to do next or how to live without them, you're so confused. So you just wait, you standing there stuck, just waiting and hoping that this isn't life. That this isn't how it ends and if it is and the curtain has now closed on what you thought to be forever then you pray, you pray for your heart to stop every painful loveless second of the day and excruciating moment of the night. You telling me that you understand that? I ask, No he responds..I didn't think so. So tell me he says rubbing his hands over his face, concentration beamed intense as the summer sun from his eyes, How great was she? Hm, she was the greatest, I loved everything about her which makes her the worst.

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