The Extent of Our Knowledge

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What Humanity has gained to date in terms of knowledge has elevated us to a point of clear vision where distances and obscurities are no longer considered challenges as they used to be.

Submitted: August 25, 2017

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Submitted: August 25, 2017



The Extent of Our Knowledge

What Humanity has accomplished to date in terms of knowledge has elevated us to a point of clear vision; a place from where distances and obscurities are no longer considered challenges as they were a few decades ago.


The aforementioned statement may appear valid to many (Almost all) and nonsensical to some (Very few). The proponents believe, and rightly so that we have significantly moved forward from where we started our journey as Homo sapiens. We have reached new destinations and conquered barriers which seemed insurmountable just a few decades ago. Our achievements and advancements in worldly knowledge are mind boggling, and we have virtually no idea as to what will our accomplishments be in the years to come. 

While skeptics view it in an entirely different context; to them as Albert Schweitzer had said “As we acquire knowledge things do not become more comprehensible, but more complex and mysterious.” with more data gathered and synthesized and knowledge earned, man has become even more perplexed and is perhaps not capable, at this point at least, of handling such vast amount of information pouring in at such incredible pace.

Man finds himself virtually overwhelmed as regards to organizing the immense data stream to leverage it to his benefit.

Considering the two extreme views, the point is to ascertain as if we are moving forward or moving upward?  Moving forward suggests that we reach new places and find new things whereas moving upward means that our perspective widens as we rise, and that is the point raised by skeptics.

To them; as we move upward we realize the extent of knowledge that we have acquired so far and are so proud of is basically a stark realization of the extent of our collective ignorance. Like a child who enters a complex multi-stage maze and moves across different stages where each step forward opens up new doors and significantly dwarfs the complexity of the previous levels.

When we ask a person of average intellect with little education about something, we generally receive a definite answer depending on if he or she is stalled or moving ahead and the pace at which he or she journeys along the knowledge street. On the contrary, a person of relatively higher intellect with university education is likely to offer open-ended responses because what he or she sees are mere possibilities where nothing seems concrete or absolute, like a child who is in a state of bewilderment after witnessing something on a grand scale for the first time in his or her life.

The respondents having earned higher education will find it improper to say 'Yes' to one thing or negate the other with absolute certainty. That is the state of acknowledging the fact of one’s ignorance and which should technically be defined as more knowledge, evolving, in al fairness…

But what is the point here? Our journey should invariably take us to a place where we are able to see things as they are, or the reality as we may like to call it. The search when complete must reveal the truth.

So what is the truth?

Are we real?

Yes we are.


Because we can see, touch things, can change, can move and feel pain….

Ok. Are your dreams real?

Of course they are not real.


Well, they are just random thoughts, you know, and when you wake up they are gone.

So when you go to sleep you have thoughts which appear as real whereas they are not, and then you wake up, right?


Is it possible that what we see and feel now is actually a dream?

What nonsense!

Ok, let’s assume something weird here. Like we are awake and we know that we are awake, right.. and then we sleep and have dreams believing they are real and then we wake up, the dreams are gone. We know that they were not real, only random thoughts. Now what if you are told that some, not all the dreams were the actual reality and what you perceive as reality, being awake, is actually a dream, a meticulously designed common illusion?

Of course I’ll laugh, brushing it off as a joke.

Let’s approach it from another angle. You are not real, your dreams are not real either, they are programs, simple instructions and codes to test and validate certain parameters, and that all of this is being done to eventually create a better, bigger and more powerful version, a world where you will exist as real 'You', with incredible powers and unfathomable reach compared to your existing self...., now would you believe that?

The end of discussion for proponent as he smiles and leaves. It is however the beginning for the challenger.


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