Shape shifter's Revenge

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A short story I had written quite a few years ago

Submitted: August 25, 2017

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Submitted: August 25, 2017



"How much of this can we take? The townspeople hate us and wish to burn us, yet here we sit and they're right outside waiting," she said to her family. Looking around, she saw how come everyone was acting. if only she felt the same way. It was just a few hours ago when she had come home from work. Within that time, all the townspeople declared her and her family were evil, that they had to be destroyed. Her eldest brother rose from his chair and stared out the window, the moonlight shimmering in a cascading flow. It surrounded him as he peered out into the night, making him seem even more supernatural than he already was. "Let them wish what they want, Tia. They can't harm us for we can never perish in any way they try. All of us here know our gift and we can use it whenever we choose," Jacob said he stared outside. Tia shook her head and run up to the room. Unlike her parents and siblings, she refused to use her gift. Even though her and her whole family were shape shifters, Tia tried to live as a human. She hid her gift to shape-shift and led a fairly normal life until today. It was her little boy who made the terrible mistake. After work,Tia headed to the corner store where her mother and two year old son Caleb were waiting for her. When she walked in, Caleb yelled happily," My mom's here!" As he started to walk to her, he shifted from being a little boy to a wolf pup and jumped into her arms. The few customers who were in the store had witnessed the transformation and rushed out screaming. They called her and her family evil, that they were the spawn of Satan and had to be destroyed. Tia sighed as she stared down at the sleeping form of her son, his cornfield colored hair tousled and shifting from golden to pure black as he slept. She tried to tell him he couldn't use his gift in public but the child didn't understand it was wrong until that evening. She held him close as he cried himself to sleep and carried him to bed after he calmed down. She knelt down beside his cradle and bowed her head. The bedroom door creaked open and Caleb's father Jeremiah walked in, his frail sister resting comfortably in his arms. "Tia? We have to flee here, darling. Grab Caleb and a suitcase with our clothes in it. They set the barn on fire and the house is next," Jeremiah said. His sister Catherine stared in surprise as flames from the barn illuminated the room. Caleb sat straight up in his bed when he heard his father's voice. "Daddy? I wanna go with you," he said in his baby voice. Like a deer, he leaped out of his cradle and Jeremiah picked him up as well. "Pack quickly, Tia. We must leave here!" Jeremiah said urgently as he rushed out and down the stairs. She packed the suitcase quickly and was heading down the stairs when there was a huge explosion. Tia flew back into the wall and screamed in horror as she saw her whole family on fire. They didn't have time to change at all. All around her, flames leaped and engulfed everything she knew and everyone she loved. She screamed even louder when she saw Jeremiah leaning against the wall, holding onto two scorched corpses. She knew he was dead and gone, as were Caleb and Catherine. A voice could be heard very faintly, whispering for Tia to escape while she can. Coughing from smoke circling around her, Tia said softly," Where are you? I want to see you before I flee." She stared in shock and amazement as Jeremiah's spirit appeared before her. Run, Tia. Escape before it's too late, she heard in her mind. Tia cried out and ran out the back door. Falling to the ground, she beat at the flames that were licking at her legs. Some of the townspeople came toward the burning house, barely noticing that Tia was sitting on the ground. Stumbling to her feet, Tia shook with fear and sorrow as the remains of the house collapsed to the ground in a fiery blaze. Everyone was gone forever and there was nothing she could do to bring them back to life. The townspeople had taken her home, her heritage,her family. Even though she knew it was against everything she practiced for so long, she knew she had to accept who she was and take her revenge. Blending in with the shadows, Tia took on the form of a huge black wolf. She waited until some people came near her keeping a close eye like a hawk watching it's prey. When they dropped their torches, Tia pounced on them before they knew what hit them. Using her teeth and claws, she ripped their hearts from their chests. While the hearts were still beating, Tia held them over the flames and ate them. As each one came near the shadows, Tia ripped out their hearts and consumed them while they still beat. The Flames died down toward morning and as the sun slowly peeked over the horizon, Tia resumed her human form and gathered the remains of her family. Her two brothers, her sister, mother, father, sister in law, son and husband were placed in a white pine box that was kept near the Family cemetery. Tia spent hours digging in the hard earth, making sure it was deep enough for the box to fit. Carefully putting it into the grave, she said a prayer and pulled a knife out of her jacket pocket. " I couldn't live with this guilt I feel so I shall leave with all of you in the other world. This is the only way I can save us all," she said softly, tears falling from her eyes. Raising the knife, she slit her own throat, her blood coating the coffin of loved ones. Her brother was wrong when he said they were immortal, they can die just like a human can. As her body slid into the grave, Tia's eyes closed and her spirit left her body. An elderly man enters the cemetery and carefully filled the grave in with dirt. He whispered a prayer for the family and disappeared like mist on a lake. Tia was reunited with her family on the other side and the men who were killed vanished completely. The women and children who were left in town forgot about the men. They now live in the town, doing everything they always do and living in peace and contentment. The End

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