Ariana griffin: legends of the Flaries

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - The secret passage way

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Submitted: December 18, 2017



CHAPTER : 13 : The Secret Passage way:

5th FEBRUARY, 2017:

Ariana and Eibon were trying really hard to find their friend as they didn't wanted to loose her at all.They passed all the passage ways which were almost 7."Ariana;like this we won't be able to find her ever"Eibon argued when they both were really tired after walking this far."Yeah you are right,But what should we do?"Ariana asked with a dim voice which was the result of continuous wheezing."Do you remember the dream you saw?Maybe you will remember anything"Eibon asked."let me remember"Ariana said while nodding in yes.She concentrated on her mind to remember the dream."Why don't you hurry up Ariana?"Eibon said and looked at the sides beside him.Ariana ignored him for once and again concentrated."Ariana please hurry up"Eibon interrupted again.This time Ariana looked at him with an angry face."I can't hurry up if you will continue interrupting"She said."Ok....Do your work"Eibon said and put a finger on his lips.


", Ok I think I got it"Ariana said and opened her eyes.Eibon came near her."I saw..."Ariana said while walking somewhere just like she was looking for something or maybe some way.Eibon followed her.Ariana went to some door which looked like a science lab."Yeah this is the door which will take us to Celeste"."Oookkk"Eibon said and opened the door.They both went inside."It looks like a normal science lab"Eibon argued."yeah but it's not a normal science lab.It keeps a secret inside it...a big one"Ariana said while examining walls."Is that secret related to the walls?"Eibon asked guessing as he saw her looking at the walls so seriously.Ariana nodded in yes and continued her work."Yeah that's it..."Ariana said happily while pointing towards a brick into the wall."Do you saw that?"Eibon asked and pressed the brick.


Suddenly the brick started turning grey.Eibon and Ariana both were surprised.Then that brick turned all the nearer brick grey as well."What's happening?"Eibon asked while suddenly all bricks vanished and there was another secret passage way inside it.It was dark and scary inside there."How are we suppose to pass this, I can't see a thing"Ariana said confusingly.Both of them walked inside and immediately the wall closed.Now there was all dark and both of them couldn't either see each other."Eibon...where are you?"Ariana said."I am here"Eibon said and came guessing the way.He hold Ariana's hand."Here...Hold my hand, so we would be together"Eibon said.Both of them were walking guessing the way as they couldn't see anything.Eibon saw that something a bit shiny was laying on the floor."Ariana did you saw that?"He asked"See that shiny thing".Ariana rolled her eyes and finally saw it."Let's go near it"She said and they both went near it.


Before they could reach and touch that glittery, shiny thing suddenly the floor under them opened and they both felt inside.They screamed loudly while falling.They felt down on the floor."Ariana,are you ok?"Eibon asked rolling his eyes to find Ariana."Yes"Ariana said from the side.They both stood up but the pain in their back wasn't too good for them.


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