Embrace the past

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Celeste

Submitted: October 27, 2018

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Submitted: October 27, 2018



Chapter : 13 :celeste

Ariana thought that too, she knew what Eibon was concluding.She looked at him with pain full eyes and said, "Azazel kept her in a shadow... I  saw it".

"No Ariana, even though he did but think, he was the one who kept her in a shadow that means he could make her real again"Eibon said with a hope in his heart."But  he or anyone  else can't  have a bracelet than...than how did they teleported" Ariana said assuring him that he might was wrong.

Eibon sighed like his hope was fading.Liesal who was still looking at Ariana's hair finally spoke"I don't  know  much  but that girl did mentioned about the pearl"."What pearl"Ariana asked curiously."A remain of bracelet...that's  what she told, she became louder when she passed from near my cell".

"Once I  was told that the one pearl of this bracelet"Ariana touched her bracelet and than said again"has the power to teleport person once in past and than the power finishes and goes away"

"Even if they had the remain of bracelet it must be unusefull now, and Celeste..." Eibon said and afterwards smiled."We'll find her, I am sure" Ariana said holding his hands.

Now that they knew Celeste was there they had to find her somehow or she could never come back in present.This was a difficult situation as there were too many cells and finding Celeste wasn't easy.

In this situation Eibon suddenly suggested a plan"Celeste loved my song Here I am for you I am sure she'll recognize it".Ariana loved the idea and as there were no guards guarding that place so it was easiervfor them.

Eibon slowly started singing

Here I am...for you,

We could both be together, again yeah...

My heart fades and then it glows,

When I...

At this line he took a pause a she knew Celeste used to always sing it with him.

When I...

He said again and then they heard two voices sing

I keep trusting you and I'll always be there for you...

Ariana smiled and Eibon too.They followed the voice to the cell which was in middle of all. Someone was holding the bars of cell.Thy went closer and hold the bar too.The three of them sang together

heart maybe cold...but it's true,

and we'll always be there for you...


"Celeste"Ariana yelled with excitement."hpHey you guys, you look stronger than the last time" she spoke in a slow sobbing voice."We missed you"Eibon told her.

"Than take me out of here, in present and to my old life"Celeste uttered."We'll...we promise"Eibon said.He wiped his tears"You know how to break this thing?"He tried to break some of the bars, no but tthe only way to get out of here is to go back in present with bracelet"Celeste answered.When Ariana heard it, she didn't knew what tk say, she couldn't go without knowing was her mom fine and what was wrong with wizards power...was it fadig away".



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