Ariana griffin: legends of the Flaries

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Her thinking

Submitted: August 24, 2018

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Submitted: August 24, 2018



CHAPTER : 13 :Her thinking:


After fifteen years..."Ariana uttered as she wasn't sure that what she was thinking was true or just her imagination"Oh no".Eibon faced at her on this behaviour.He could understand a little too but not as deep he could think as that girl could."I am fifteen and look there.."Ariana pointed towards that flaries place"I was a baby over here".

"That does mean, it's already fifteen years.Their power could be restored ANY minute in the present"Eibon pronounced and looked at her with worried eyes."Not any minute, but on the same date"Ariana acclaimed more confidentally.

"How would we know what was the date this day"Eibon asked.His mind wasn't working as he had never felt this much sadness together before.Ariana closed her eyes to think of her father and the things he told her about her mother.


"Daddy, it's your turn to catch me"Said a little cute girl running.Her beautiful giggling was so sweet and she was laughing heartily.She stopped running and went to her daddy who was winding because of continuous running.The little girl sat beside him and a tear dropped from her tiny eyes."Hey"Said her daddy politely and wiped her tears"What happened Ariana?"He asked the little girl.

"I miss mommy"She uttered in her cute chiming voice"She used to play with me and wasn't tired at all"It didn't took any power of thinking to say this to her daddy."She...She would've made my hair after we played and than she would say how pretty I am.OH, daddy I want her back"She cried out loud and so did her dad.He hugged that girl and said"You know what baby, it was 3 May when your mom left me and you, do you know why it was special?"He asked wrapping her face all around with his loving hands."No"She uttered worriedly."That was the day we got you back when you were lost".Ariana had heard that she was lost when she was just a baby but she ddn't knew that flaries took her and killed her mom.

"Your mom wanted you to be happy and I am sure you'll do it for her"Her dad hugged the little girl after that.


Ariana eyes were closed when a tear of sadness dripped down her eye and a warmth smile came out on her face.She opened her eyes and wiped her tear."You saw your dad...don't you"Eibon asked and walked closer to her."I did and I saw that how happy we were"Ariana proclaimed and cried with a heavy heart.Eibon hold her hand and rubbed it as he wanted to make her feel better.

"It's 3 May"She told him."We still have one week"Eibon said but he could see his friend crying bitterly."You are missing him...let's go save him"Eibon said and put his hand in front of her.Ariana smiled a little and put her hand on his as she was totally into it.Both of them closed their eyes and bracelet took them away.

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