Cross Paths

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Written for a writing group, topic: An Unexpected Meeting

He's not satisfied with his life and job, every day is the same. The only thing that makes him smile is the girl in the light blue jacket and the hat that looks a bit like a strawberry who always waves at him when he drives past...

Submitted: August 26, 2017

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Submitted: August 26, 2017



It was a day like every other day. He’d left the office at five o’clock, bought some milk and eggs and headed straight home. Like every other day he took the route along the A46 and there she was. Walking along the road in the opposite direction. Like every day she was wearing that light blue jacket and her red hat that looked a bit like a strawberry. As soon as he came around the corner, she raised her hand to wave and, like every other day, he smiled back at her when he was driving past.

He couldn’t recall when they had started to do that. It felt like ages ago. There had been one day as he was driving back from work when she had been walking along the street and since then he had seen her every day. Eventually one day she waved at him and since then every working day. He didn’t know who she was, where she came from or went to, he didn’t know why but that wasn’t important. It was just that little wave every day, no matter if it was rainy or sunny, no matter whether he have had a good day or not, she always made him smile and that smile stayed with him at least till the end of his journey. Even though that wasn’t very far.

In his house, he was greeted by emptiness, like every other day. The power of the smile vanished and he sighed. He put the milk in the fridge, the eggs next to it and turned on the TV. Maybe he should go out again. Maybe this Saturday


In the end, he did. Not because he wanted to but because he was slowly going stir-crazy. It was just enough to get him into the nearby village’s pub. He hadn’t been in here for ages but nothing had changed. So he ordered a beer and wanted to sit down in the corner when he saw her. A beautiful woman, at least five years younger than him, with long, blond hair curling down her back. She was looking for a place to sit and before he could stop himself, he invited her to sit with him. To his surprise, she smiled and followed him.

It didn’t take long to get into a conversation. She was nice and funny, a very positive person. And quite talkative too but he enjoyed it a lot to just listen to someone else than himself again. Her name was Kelly, she was 24 years old and single. He learned that she worked in a shop not far from here and earned just enough to subsist on it, with a few side jobs. She didn’t have a car but that was okay because she could walk everywhere. Eventually, he caught himself pouring his heart out to her. About his boss, the job, the loneliness… and she listened. It was like he had known her for ages. There was something about her that he seemed to be familiar with…

In the end, she yawned and got ready to go. She had to babysit tomorrow, so she apologized. He asked whether he could give her a lift and she accepted, smiling. So he put on his coat and she did so with her light blue jacket and a red hat that looked a bit like a strawberry. For one moment he just stared at her. That couldn’t be a coincidence! But he didn’t dare to say anything, so he just squired her out of the pub and to his car. She smiled but he couldn’t perceive whether it was because she recognized the car.

“Will we meet again?”, he asked when he dropped her at a tiny, scrubby apartment.

“Well, we will see each other the day after tomorrow, won’t we?” She grinned and raised her hand to wave. He smiled back at her. Yes, he would see her on Monday and on Tuesday... And maybe even on the weekend.

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