Couples Counseling

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Therapy session goes terribly wrong

Submitted: August 27, 2017

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Submitted: August 27, 2017




This couples retreat was supposed to be an enlightening experience, much needed to rekindle our marriage. My husband Martin and I have been going through a rough patch. I know in my heart what this retreat means for us. Will we continue to try to make things work, or is this the end the road for us. I love my husband but honestly the spark is just gone. Maybe we just grew apart, we don’t seem to be on the same page anymore. “What do you think, Lexi’? Martin asks, “I love it babe, I say. Maybe this is just what we needed.” Even as I say the words they don’t sound convincing to my own ears.

This weekend we are staying in a cabin with two other couples. Bree and Jason Kimble and the youngest couple Alia and Richard Moss along with our therapist Dr. Glen Moore. Apparently, from ages seven to eleven Bree had been in a few movies, her last role was a TV miniseries at age twelve. She hasn’t acted in over twenty years. Jason explains that Bree has delusions of grandeur and her childhood stardom is in no way significant now. Bree says Jason is jealous of her celebrity status.

Alia and Richard’s issues seem much deeper. He has cheated on her in the past and recently has gotten one of his coworkers pregnant. He goes through every cliché a man does when he is caught cheating. It didn’t mean anything, I never meant to hurt you…

Alia goes on to say how difficult things have been with their three children and dealing with her husband’s infidelity. She is stressed and has lost and gained weight and feels he simply cannot be trusted.

On the second day of our retreat Dr. Moore tells us all to write down one of our biggest secrets or something that our spouse doesn’t know about us. It doesn’t have to be extreme but it should be honest. After lunch, we gather back in the main room. Dr. Moore instructs us to give him the paper. He folds them up and put them in a hat. We are all wondering what he plans to do, I have a bad feeling. Dr. Moore says he wants each of us to reach into the hat and pull out a piece of paper. We cannot open them until he tells up to.

“All of you are holding someone’s secret, I ask each of you to read it out loud and whoever believes the secret belongs to their spouse please speak up” Dr. Moore instructs

He sits back down, each of us are looking worried I can feel my stomach in knots. Dr. Moore tells Richard to read his first. Richard proceeds to unfold the paper

“Before we met I spent nearly two years in jail” He says. Everyone is looking around at each other trying to figure who’s secret it is. Suddenly Jason removes his glasses. “it’s me, it’s my secret” he says and Bree jumps out of her seat.

“What!! I should have known you were a thug, why didn’t you tell me sooner!” Bree jumps out of her seat screaming, Jason tries to explain but Bree is outraged.

Apparently, Jason assaulted someone with a weapon but said it was self-defense. “Bree please, have a seat, everyone will get a chance to explain themselves soon”. After a while Bree settles down and Dr. Moore has Martin to read his next.

“I put diet pills in your food to help you lose weight” immediately Alia turns to face Richard

“Look, you been getting thick lately, I was just trying to help you out” Alia punches Richard in the eye so fast I almost screamed. Richard is knocked out of his chair “How dare you”! Once again Dr. Moore jumps in to intervene. It is nearly twenty minutes before they calm down and get an icepack put to Richard’s face.

Dr. Moore has me read my paper next, “I sent nude pictures to your brother when you were out of town” I say the words waiting for the reaction. For a moment it’s only silence, then Jason gets out of his seat.

“I knew it! He yells “I knew something happened!”

“How did you know?” Bree says in shock

“My brother made a comment about your tits, I thought he was joking. But you really are a whore!”

“sit-down Richard!” Dr. Moore tries to intervene

“Yes, please have a seat convict” Bree replies

“Bree, you all will get a chance to speak soon” Dr. Moore says trying to calm everyone but I can’t help but wonder why this place doesn’t have security.

Then Dr. Moore has Alia to read her secret next “I had packed some clothes to move out the day you told me about the retreat.”

No one is saying anything, I turn around to see Martin with his head down. I am speechless, I don’t scream or yell I just sit stunned.

“I was not going to leave for good, I just needed a break.” Martin gives this weak excuse and I still don’t bother to respond. After a moment Dr. Moore has Bree go next.

“I am seeing another man” Bree says and the only two people left are me and Alia. Martin has the nerve to look at me and I turn my head. Jason who is still holding an icepack to his eye, suddenly drops it and stands up. Immediately Dr. Moore jumps in between Richard and Alia. I can barely make out what’s being said between the yelling and screaming and curse words. Alia and Richard are now sitting across the room from each other. Jason has the last piece of paper and we all know who’s secret it is. I finally speak “don’t bother Jason, I’ll tell you what the secret is.” I make sure I look Martin directly in his eyes. “I want a divorce” I announce and get up to leave. This whole thing was a mistake, the marriage this couples retreat, all of it. I am done If Martin wants to leave I will not beg him to stay. Martin is calling my name telling me to stay and work it out but I make it to the bedroom and lock the door. Martin is banging on the door, I can still hear the chaos and angry yelling from the other couples.

I pack my things quickly, Martin is now calling my cell phone along with banging on the door as if it will make a difference. I don’t care if I must climb out of the window to get the hell out of here at this point.

By the summer I have moved out, Martin and I are still cordial but the divorce was for the best. I still stay in touch with Alia, she and Richard actually managed to work things out. They are expecting their fourth child any day now. The last I heard of Bree she was performing in some off-Broadway play, her and Jason have separated but still attend marriage counseling.

I get a call this morning from Alia telling me to turn on the news. Apparently, Dr. Moore isn’t a doctor at all. He has been scamming people for years, his real name is Daniel Caldwell. A class action law suit has been brought against him. He was detained after he tried to pass himself off as a gynecologist and used questionable methods. I am currently in the process of trying to figure out how to get in on the lawsuit. I ask myself should I call Martin? I wonder would we have gotten divorced had it not been for the retreat? I honestly don’t know, but they say everything happens for a reason…right?


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