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Submitted: August 27, 2017

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Submitted: August 27, 2017



You are a shooting star.

Shining life so bright.

If I could fall ,

I might .

You have stars in your eyes

, but they can't hide surprise.

I have anger in this slipstream.

Like a river in my mind.

Never around like I were before.

Leaving traces of footprints

on your heart's golden shore.

Gentle words unkind , I never could deny.

You would think it's smart

to go from heart to heart.

But , you are the boulder

blocking the slipstream in my mind.

You say that love can't wait.

But, I can't find my escape.

As you open up the flood gates

to pouring rain.

The sun is out

the stars will hide.

Along with dust

and lies in your eyes.

Cover me with fate.

Revoke my wasted time.

Keeping you in the slipstream

of my mind.

Sorry, I waited so long.

My heart has turned out wrong.

But, deep inside my soul

you are right

where you belong.

Love and hate.

Fades away.

To rejoin two lives with clay.

A picture altered

molded in sculpture.

Permanent flame

engulfed with rage.

As the sunshine

melts the water

that flows like wine.

I relive my old memories.

In the slipstream of my mind.

Love is suicide.

Dressed in pain.

Moaning like a whistle

from a midnight train .

Past and present

never left behind.

The love

that boar a face of beauty.

Still haunts

the slipstream of my mind.

Taking the good and the bad.

Not one sole regret.

She's the one I love .

I can't let go .

I can't forget. ..

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