Knowing is Half of the Game

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When thinking we learn, when we learn we gain.
But what do we gain?

Submitted: August 28, 2017

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Submitted: August 28, 2017



The Knowledge

What makes us human? What makes us feel? What makes us happy? There are so many questions yet not enough answers. Actually there has yet to be answers to these questions, why, well thats rather simple. We has humans are scared to realize the truth of our existence. We believe that our existence is to live, repopulate and so on and so forth. 

Yet I believe that the answers for our existence, is not to repopulate but to live with out feeling, without remorse, without judgement, without anything. Our lives they don't continue to grow stronger as we grow older and bigger as a race, no we grow weaker. We don't gain from growing larger as a race, instead of repopulating we should cut ties from people. We have less not more. The less people on the planet the more others can gain, this is correct simply because, we have to much holding us back. 

When you think about it, we all are rather useless. Now say if we were to higher evolve past where we currently are, there is a chance we could gain absolute knowledge. With this there is so much we could gain, but also so much we could lose. Our possibilties would be endless. Even our lives could be extended, we could gain immortality. Given it would take years of understaning and research, and much, much more. Immortality is yes a long shot, but it is not impossible. Not going into detail, but we have many theories already out there stating that endless life is possible.

Life as we know it could be extremly different, twenty years from now no one knows where they'll be, how they'll be living, or anything. What if you could know? What if you could predect or tell the future? Our lives yes you guessed it, would be utterly different. You wouldn't be standing where you currently are, instead you would be molding and shaping a different reality for yourself. 

Our live are different and rather boring yes, but gaining this so called absolute knowledge, will change everything. Meaning that us gaining that power, being able to create anything from nothing, being able to predect and tell the future, anything you could possibly imagine would be sitting at you finger tips. Having something like that, it would give us everything. We would further evolve, we would gain life past the planet Earth.

We would be infinite.

Given not everyone would want that, but to think that we could have anything, its mind blowing. 

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Knowing is Half of the Game

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