One 'Last' Time

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something i just typed up now.

Submitted: August 28, 2017

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Submitted: August 28, 2017



Just one more time. I swear I will stop, it won't be long now till I feel it drop. My head goes fuzzy, my body feels warm, it swarms all inside me, my pain is gone. Close my eyes, feel it burn, my blood is a river of euphoric storms. As I lie there staring, time passing by, I no longer feel the need to cry. I know it won't be long till this feeling is gone, that I will once again wish I was never born. Nobody cares about this hurt I feel, all they say is that time will heal. Time is one thing I don't seem to have, I suddenly start to feel really bad, my head is pounding, people are crowding ''drugs, what a waste'' someone says. ''Poor girl, oh how her mother will feel'' I am no longer there, it is my burden to bear. I no longer have my life to share.

For every second counts, help someone now. A few words of love could stop the above.

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