what if

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Submitted: August 28, 2017

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Submitted: August 28, 2017



what if the doors didnt say hello hello 

what if phill didnt feel it in the air tonight 

??what if kiss wasnt made for loving you 

?what if metallica didnt enter the sandman 

?what if pantera didnt walk 

?what if ozzys train whats crazy

what if axle didnt go to paradise city

what if nirvana didnt smell like teen spirt 

what if hootie didnt wanna only be with you 

what if matchbox 20 didnt push you down 

what if incubus didnt pardon me

what if beck wasnt a loser

what if beastie boys did sleep till brookyn 

just what if 

what if 

?what if marky mark didnt feel good vibrations 

what if Rob van winkle wasnt ice ice baby 

j?ust what if 

what if  

just what if 

???what id bone things didnt reach those crossroads

?what if puffy wasnt missing you 

?what if dru hill were into boxer not thongs

?what if master p didnt make same say uhh nah nana nah 

?what if dmx didnt stop drop open up shop 

what if the bo wasnt brandys 

?what if they didnt kill lauren hill slowly 

?what if will never got jiggy with it 

just what if

what if 

what if boys dindt turn to men

what if usher didnt take it nice and slow 

what if n.w.a didnt say fuck the police

what if biggy wasnt notorious 

what if PAC saw changes and branda didnt have a baby

whay if LL's mom didnt say knock you out and he wasnt doing it doing it well 

what if wu tang was something to fuck with and wasnt bout c.r.e.a.m 


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