Moving On UP! Unfortunate Events ~2

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Chapter 61 (v.1) - Scene 61- My One True Love

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Submitted: February 10, 2019



Scene 61- My One True Love 

New York - Upper East Side - Monday 14th August, 2017- 11.51 am 

( Jake and Kara are hunting for a new house, Kara has Milo in his pram) ( They enter a house in Upper East Side of New York) 

Kara: Jake are you sure we should be doing this?

Jake; Yes i'm sure ( nods his head) 

Kara; I feel like Danielle should be with us while we do this?

Jake: Unfortunately Danielle is still in her coma so she can't be with us plus she hates these kind of things anyway. 

Kara: I know but i just feel like she should have a say in this two because it is also her house. 

Jake: I  get that but when Danielle wakes up and it is time for her to go home i think it would be nice for us all me , you, Danielle and Milo to be able to go to a house where there is no bad memories. Where we can get a fresh start. 

Kara: It is a good idea, i just feel like we shouldn't rush this.

Jake: We aren't going to, We will take our time and we will choose the right one. 

Kara: It would be nice to talk into a house and think this is my house rather than wondering if Ronaldo is going to come back and i'm going to be thrown out 

Jake: That would never happen in a million years, Danielle loves you far too much to do that. Plus she would miss all of your cooking. 

Kara: Fair point 

( They continue to look round the house) 

Kara: Do you think Ronaldo would be moving back in?

Jake; I think that even though they love each other it is far too soon to be making any commitments, they are still young and they shouldn't rush themselves. 

Kara: Let's just make sure there is a guest room just in case 

Jake: Of course

Kara: because even if he does move away if he decides to come up for a visit he will not be going into Danielles room 

Jake; That will be a no boys aloud rule right there 

Kara: Exactly, i think it's time she begins to be a teenager and be young while she still can even if that means we have to lay down the rules. 

Jake: I think as much as she would hate that she would also love it because it means she gets to feel young. 

Kara; When she wakes up when she is ready she will be going back to Uni and i am telling you now she will not be leaving for any reason. We are having no baby drama. 

Jake: She will put her head down and focus on her work 

Kara: We will make sure of it. 

Jake: This house is really nice 

Kara; I must admit it is pretty nice

Jake; Just pretty nice?

Kara: It doesn't feel homely 

Jake: Imagine it with some furnature in the place.  ( She closes her eyes and tries to imagine) 

Kara: I'm just not feeling this one 

Jake; Alright then on to the next 

( Kara looks around the room and shakes her head then follows Jake out of the house) 

Spirit World- 

( Danielle is sat in the empty hallway of her old house in Los Angeles staring up at the walls where the  pictures of her family were once hung) ( Angus walks over to her and sits down) 

Angus: Are you alright?

Danielle; I'm fine 

Angus: Really because you haven't exactly said much since you 

Danielle: Since i blew my head off 

Angus: Some times we don't realise how angry we are until someone make a comment and we just explode. 

Danielle: I've always been angry at mum for some reason 

Angus; It's because you feel hurt by her 

Danielle: I love mum but it always feels like she lets me down.

Angus: Have you ever told her that?

Danielle: No 

Angus: Why not?

Danielle because it would hurt her feelings. When mum first came back how do you tell your mother you don't trust her and that you hate her for abandoning you. 

Angus: Perhaps it doesn't come across well but wouldn't you rather her know how you feel instead of keeping it all inside of you and letting it build up. 

Danielle: That's how i deal with things, I'm a private person. I don't feel the need to tell anyone what i am feeling. 

Angus: Your mum does feel guilty for what she has done in the past 

Danielle; I know she does but that doesn't mean a thing anymore,  The first time she left me shte couldn't deal with raising a baby so she ran away and 16 years later she comes back and promises she isn't going to leave this time but the problem is she does, she ran away yet again because she couldn't deal with what happened in the past. 

Angus; You have every right to be angry but i think you should also talk with her and get the peace you deserve. 

Danielle: Granda thank you for trying to help me but the thing is I'm not sure i will ever be able to really forgive her. 

Angus: Just explain to me why wou think that?

Danielle: She has hid so many secrets through out her life like the factor she was pregnant with me and Mackensie at the same time and that i had a brother out there who i knew nothing about yet he knew everything about me. She left me on my dads door step if my dad was out partying or whatever i could have died in the cold. she came back and yes she was being the supportive mother but when shit hit the fan she was the first one to run away. After dads fake death you saw the way she treated me, It was like i was scum on the street and i meant nothing to her. She runs away from her problems and lets other people fix them for her. 

Angus: Danielle i know you are feeling really hurt by her but she is still your mother. 

Danielle; i know she is and i will always love her but some days all i am reminded of is the lies she told me and it makes me question is our relationship was real at all. 

Angus: At some point in your life you are going to have to let it all go

Danielle: That day is not today 

( Angus puts his arm round her back allowing her to cuddle into him as they stair at the wall) 

Danielle; I don't want to die grandpa, I don't want to be hurting. I just want to live a normal life like every one else i know. 

Angus; I know you do sweet heart 

Danielle: It hurts all the time, my body and my mind and it breaks me. I've been broken for a long time i just never gave myself time to heal. 

Angus: Which is why you are here, You need to put yourself first once in a while and take care of your self because the more you put it off the worst it gets. 

Danielle: I know it does but if i get the option of my family being happy or me being happy i would choose them any day. 

Angus: That's the problem you care too much. , Your uncle Sammie had the same problem and now he is in jail because of it. 

Danielle: At this rate i will most likely die before i go to jail 

Angus: You are not going to die yet , stop thinking that you are because you are wasting your life away doing so. 

Danielle; It's true though one day we are all going to die wether it be tomorrow, next week, a month or years away we are all going to die. 

Angus: It doesn't mean we have to get fixated on it 

Danielle;I do not ( Shakes her head) 

Angus: You do so, you open your eyes in the morning and you ask yourself am i alive or am i dead 

Danielle; That's beside the point,every body does that 

Angus: No they don't ( Shakes his head) 

Danielle; I would rather be prepared for it rather than unprepared 

Angus; There is a difference between being prepared and going over board. You are going over board 

Danielle: Alright i get it 

( The pair both sit in silence for a moment) 

Danielle; Granda, Do you ever miss grandma?

Angus; Every single day 

Danielle: Do you ever wish she was here with you?

Angus; I used to think about it every day but i wouldn't want her to be taken away from you all just to be with me. 

Danielle; She talks about you all the time 

Angus; I know ( Smiles)  some times it feels like she is talking to me. 

Danielle: She really misses you a lot 

Angus; I miss her too 

Danielle; You know when grandma first arrived after the triplets were born i thought to myself who is this strange woman and we weren't too impressed with eachother but when mum started giving me into trouble she stuck up for me. When she decided to stick around we ended up getting really close and i finally had a grandma who i could turn too.

Angus: She always wanted to be there for you, She tried finding you but for the first 3 years we knew nothing about you.

Danielle: After we moved and Ronaldo got taken she was extremely supportvie and understanding and moved in with me and Milo and helped me out. She loved baby sitting him and it made up bond so much more. I may not have known her my whole life but staying with her has been one of the best things because she tells me all these stories about you both and it felt like i was there with you guys in the moment. Because of that i feel like i have known her my whole life. I am greatful to have her in my life because if she wasn't then i would have been lost and i would have probably died a long time ago or had about 50 mental breakdowns. Every day it's like she is teaching me a new life lesson. 

Angus: She was always so good at that, i started to think the older she got the wiser she got too. 

Danielle: Definetly 

Angus: As much as me and your grandma weren't happy that we were having an arranged marriage in the end it all worked out because from the moment i fell in love with her i couldn't imagine life without her. 

Danielle; That is so sweet 

Angus: The thing about love is when you love someone, when you truly love someone you don't let them go or if you do it's because even though you love each other you are better off not being with one another in fear that you will only hurt each other. 

Danielle; Do you ever regret anything from the time you met grandma?

Angus: I was seeing another girl when me and Kara first got together, that's what i would have changed. I would have stopped seeing her straight away. 

Danielle; Did grandma know about her?

Angus: Yes she did, She even met her a few times. 

Danielle; I could just imagine how intense it was 

Angus; You have no idea  ( They both chuckle to one another) 

Hugo's Cafe- 3.36pm

( Maci is sat at one of the tables inside of the cafe, Kara enters and walks over) 

Kara: I'm so sorry about the time ( She sits down at the table, she puts her bag on the floor and takes off her coat ) 

Maci: No worries, When you messaged me asking to change the time i was doing laundry and wanted it finished so it worked out for the best.. 

Kara; Hows your day been?

Maci: Fairly quiet, James left for work early this morning so it was just me in the house catching up on some of the house work . How was your day ?

Kara: Stressful 

Maci: How? What happened?

Kara: Your son 

Maci: What's he up to now ?

Kara: A while ago he mentioned about moving house and me and Danielle were all for it 

Maci: I'm sensing a but 

Kara: On Saturday he asked me if i wanted to start having a look at some houses and i thought okay it won't hurt to have a look. We had a look at a few this morning but all i could think about was how Danielle wasn't there to pick one out with us. It just didn't feel like because the 3 of us would be living there 

Maci: Danielle wouldn't mind where you guys stay as long as she has a roof over her head and Milo is safe thats all that matters. 

Kara: I just felt like she should have been there with us. 

Maci: I know what like my Jakie is and she probably doesn't want Danielle to wake up and have to stress about hunting for a new house. 

Kara: I just want everything to be perfect, We will be living out here for the next 4 years i don't want in a years time for Danielle to go you know what i really hate this house, it's too small or it's too big. 

Maci: At this point i think she would be happy to be able to go to a place where she can call home. 

Kara: Tomorrow we are going to look at a few more and see what our options are 

Maci: All you can do is look at the minute for all you know you both might just find a house and as soon as you enter you think to yourself this is the one. This is the house i want to live in for the next 4 years of my life. 

Kara; I seriously hope it is that easy 

Maci: What are you looking for in a house? 

Kara: I would like a possibly open planned big kitchen so that the family can cook together and we need plenty room for the dining table because we have a big family so on christmas we can all get together. 

Maci: Any thing else?

Kara; If it's possible i would like a walking wardrobe but if not i can go with out it 

Maci: I was waiting for that comment ( Laughs) 

Kara; I can't help i have so much shoes 

Maci: Shoes, bags, scarves, clothes in general 

Kara: I'm a woman who likes to shop 

Maci: I think everyone knows that 

Kara: I think Jake is on the look for a office area so that he can sneak away and have his man time without any disturbance 

Maci: I must ask how is Jake coping ?

Kara; I think Danielle being in hospital has been a really good distraction for him, it's like he is starting to pick himself up because he isn't lounging in the house all day alone thinking about Sophie and the triplets. 

Maci: It's nice to hear that he is picking himself up 

Kara; I actually think he is more hurt at the factor Danielle is in a coma really 

Maci: She's his little girl 

Kara: He's hoping and praying that evey day she will open her eyes but nothing happens 

Maci: Nothing is better than some thing bad happening 

Kara;Oh god yeah , Are you excited to be getting married again ?

Maci: Yeah i am, when me and James first got married at the time we thought it was the right thing because we were young and hopelessly in love with each other but what people don't realise is that being married is really difficult, It's like there is an added pressue to make sure things work. When you both have important job and you bring a child into the world it makes it much harder because you have to both ask yourselves who is going to sacrifice their job to take care of this little boy

Kara; I stil remember the day of my wedding, every single detail as if it had just happened yesterday. 

Maci: Would you ever consider getting remarried?

Kara: Angus was my first proper love, that big love you get where you know this guys is the one for me and i couldn't imagine moving on with someone else or i couldn't imagine giving my heart to someone other that Angus. it jusn't wouldn't feel right 

Maci: I don't think he would mind if you moved on and tried to be happy 

Kara: I know he wouldn't have a bad thing to say against it  but i wouldn't be able to forgive myself becuase it would feel like i have betrayed him in some sort of way. 

Maci: Don't be so silly you wouldn't be betraying him. 

Kara: I do think it's lovely when you see some one whos partner has died and they have a second chance at love but that's not for me. I've had mine and i wouldn't want anyone else. 

Maci: Even if you changed your mind it wouldn't hurt to know if you wanted then there is love out there. 

Kara: It's not a bad thing knowing if i wanted to move on then i can but i wouldn't go out my way to find it. 

Maci: Some times you give your heart to one person and that's it , no one else matters. 

Kara: One day i will see my Angus again and i will be able to share all that love with him all over again ( she smiles) 

Maci: That's beautiful.

Kara: I shall go order us some drinks what you wanting?

Maci: ( looks up at the clock) Lets have a cocktail

Kara: Ooh looks like we are starting on cocktails ( She grabs her purse out of her bag and heads for the bar) 

New York- Quaker Cemetery -

( Jake is at in front of Sophies Grave stone) 

Jake: I'm sorry for every thing for all the mean words i have said in the past during an arguement. I'm sorry for walking away and for not really listening to what you have to say. I'm sorry i wasn't there for you but please if you can just let Danielle come back home to me, Please i beg of you. I need my little girl. You already got triplets just let me have my little girl back please ( she sobs over her grave begging for Danielle to wake up) ( Sophie in spirit world is stood behind her grave watching Jake) 

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