Ice Cream Man Janitor

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This story you will read about a young boy who has lived through one of the weirdest things

Submitted: August 29, 2017

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Submitted: August 29, 2017



I was sitting on my bed one night, petting my dog and watching some late-night cartoons when I heard what sounded to be some sort of tune playing. I got up out of my bed and went out into the living room to see if anyone was listening to something, but when I peeked around corner no one was there. I decided that I would go over and make sure that no one had left our radio on, but when I got over to it, I saw that it was off. My first thought was that it might have been the show I was watching, but then I remembered that I was in the middle of an action scene when that sound happened. Many more thought ran through my head, but at that time I was just too tired to try and deal with whatever that sound was.

When I got back into my room, my dog looked at me like there was something wrong, so I asked him if he needed to go out and use the bathroom but he didn’t budge off the bed. I asked him what was wrong and he just put his head down. I thought nothing of it at that time, but that would all change eventually. I got back in bed and resume the show that I was watching.

I was about to fall asleep but then I heard that tune again. It sounded very familiar like I had heard it somewhere before. I tried to remember where I had heard it before but it just wouldn’t snap into place. The tune got louder and then I remembered where I had heard it before. It was the tune of the ice cream truck that use to come down my street when I was a little kid. I wondered if it was the same dude or not but the only way to figure that out was to look through the window and see who was in the vehicle. When I got out of the bed the jingle stopped and I thought that whoever it was, was doing it to annoy me or scare me. I hoped back into bed and went to sleep for the rest of the night.

The next morning came around and I was feeling like complete utter crud. I came out of my room and my mother said good morning to me and all I did was go “ugh”.  She asked me what was wrong and all I told her was that it was just a rough night. She asked me why it was a rough night, and I had told her that I thought I heard an ice cream truck in our driveway. My mom was confused on why I had heard an ice cream truck in our driveway last night. She asked me if it was just a dream, and I told her that it wasn’t, because Chase our dog had heard it also. She said that it was probably my imagination and not to think anything of it, but I knew that it was a bad idea. I asked her what was for breakfast, and she told me that it was some eggs and toast.

After I was done eating my breakfast, I had to go ahead and get ready for school. When I got back into my room I took my shirt off and was getting ready to put my school shirt on when I started to hear the ice cream truck jingle play. I ran out of my room to go get my mom so that way she could come listen to the ice cream truck, but when we got back in the room there was no sound. She asked me if everything was all right and I told her that I guess it was. I finished getting ready for school when Chase came into my room and looked at me like he needed to go outside to use the bathroom. I finished putting my belt on and then I took him outside so that way he could use the bathroom.

When I opened the door to let Chase out, he immediately ran to the screen door and started barking like someone was there. I went over to see if anyone was there, but it was nothing. I told Chase to go out in the yard and use the bathroom so that way I could leave to go to school.

Chase came back inside and I was getting ready to walk out the door when my mother said she had to go get something from her room before we left. I told her that I would be out by the car waiting for her and she told me that she would be right there. I made my way to the car and the newspaper guy reached our house. I greeted him with a good morning, and he said it back to me, but before he left he told me to watch out for an old man that has been driving around the streets lately. I asked him what kind of car he was driving but he told me that he had no clue. My mom came out the door and waved to the newspaper man as he left and then she told me to get into the car.

When my mom dropped me off at the school I saw the janitor that no kid liked, because he seemed like a creep. He said good morning to me, so all I did was waved back and started to walk fast. I turned back to see if he was looking at me, and sure enough he was. I hurried my way indoors and made my way to the cafeteria so that way I could get some breakfast and be full until lunch time. When I got to the cafeteria I couldn’t seem to find my friend Jeremy anywhere. I wondered if he had showed up to school today or if he was just running late. I threw away my empty plastic tray and hurried up to my teacher’s classroom. She greeted me with a good morning and told me to find the desk with my name on it and sit there.

About halfway till lunch time some kid started to get sick and puke everywhere. The teacher told the nurse to come and get him and take him to the nurse’s office so that way he could go home. She also called a janitor down to come clean up the mess. We continued on with class, and I kept wondering which janitor it would be to come and clean up the mess. When the janitor knocked on the door, the teacher went over and let them in. When they came from around the wall, we saw that it was the creep janitor. Everyone said EW out very loudly including me, because he was one creepy dude. He looked over at the other kids but he didn’t seem to interested until he saw me. When he saw me, his regular face went to a big weird grin. I looked at him in disgust like he was some weirdo, because he basically was. While he was cleaning up the mess he started to hum some of the kid’s names, and the only name that I could understand him saying was my name.

When he left, I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. She told me I could, so I walked out of the room and into the bathroom. I called my mon, and she asked me what was wrong, I told her that the janitor was being really creepy at the school and that I didn’t feel safe being on the same campus with him. She told me that she would be there in 15 minutes to pick me up. I went back into the classroom to wait those 15 minutes, and during that time it felt like time never moved.

When the teachers phone rang, I was relieved to know that it was my mom to be here and pick me up. The teacher told me to go down to the front for dismissal, I was so happy. I grabbed my stuff and left that classroom in a hurry.  When I got down to the front I saw that my mom was not there, so I asked the lady at the desk where my mom was and she told me that she was outside. When I walked through the doors I got this text from a random number saying that they were my mom texting from a friend’s phone, and that she would be in the white van. I texted back to that number to ask whoever it was why my mom was in the white van, and that number replied saying that she had rented it for the day. I walked over to the white van and the creep janitor was in it. I asked him what he was doing in my mom’s rental van and he told me that he was supposed to be taking me home. At first I did not trust him but I knew I might have to.

I got into the van not knowing what troubles were going to come next. He told me to get into the back so that way I could be more comfortable and have a whole backrow of seats to myself. When I opened the door, the old janitor pushed me in and locked the door behind him, so I could not escape from the back. When he got into the driver’s seat, I asked him why he did that and he told me that we were going to go get some supposive “Ice Cream” and that he needed me to be in the back for quote on quote “Safety Reasons”. We drove off, but I had no clue what was going to happen next.

It was a long a boring drive but we finally made it to the ice cream shop, but I could not see anything yet since there were no back windows on the van. The old janitor got out of the driver’s seat and came to the door to let me out, but instead of letting me get out he got in back here with me. I asked him what he was doing, and he told me not to worry about. I heard what sounded like a belt coming undone, s I turned around but he quickly shoved my head back around and told me not to look, otherwise it would ruin the surprise. When he was done doing whatever he was doing I felt him tugging at my pants, and I asked him why he was doing it, and he told me to not worry about it and to relax. I kept asking him questions, so he knocked me out cold.

I woke up with no underwear and no pants on, so I was very frightened with what had happened while I was unconscious. I asked him what he did and he told me that he had given me some ice cream while I was unconscious. I asked him if I ate it without me knowing it, and he nodded his head. I was scared for my life so I started to panic. While I was panicking, I heard a siren come out of nowhere, and it was getting closer and closer. It got to the point where I could not hear anything over the siren. The old janitor started to freak out. I opened the door and there were at least 20 to 30 cops standing there with their M4A1’s drawn pointing them at the van. The old dude came out with his hands up and said that he surrendered. A cop came over and took me out of the van and asked me if I was alright. I told him I was okay but I didn’t know what happened. He asked me if that old dude touched me anywhere and I told the cop that the only thing he did was tug at my pants before knocking me out cold.

About two years had passed and I had somewhat recovered from the whole thing, but the only thing that really stuck with me was the fear of old janitors and ice cream trucks.

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