Pupal Stage

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Submitted: August 30, 2017

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Submitted: August 30, 2017



An aging photo is tucked away.

An image loved by saving grace.

The thought of you

provokes my heart to race.

The sky behind the sun

filters through the clouds.

The heavens reveal a place

covered behind the shrouds.

Take me with you .

I undergo a transformation

From a child to maturation.

An innocence of pure existence.

Into a love of weighted experience.

I will change for you.

If it will help you through.

The core of me.

Where you want to be.

Living in love endlessly.

The dryness of my eyes.

Evaporation of tears I cry.

Are not as moist as the fog in the night.

I lay on the sea.

On the surface where I breathe.

Overcoming the impossible.

A gift of treasure for a devoted disciple.

I bury this rage.

I enter my pupal stage.

To be anyone .

Time is due.

I am the only one for you.

The silence chews me up.

The forgotten spits me out.

From a shallow heart ,

I am born again.

The voyage will begin.

Take me with you.

Into the arms of rest.

Where we cling to skin so tightly.

True love at it's best.

I will change for you.

If it will help you through.

I'd give to you.

Every last breathe my body can breathe.

Every beat my heart will release.

I am not the same.

The emptiness erased.

Soft hands upon your face.

It's a chance I will have to take.

To become the image

you have tucked away.

A gentle dream

a time of love

I seize on this day.

Loneliness within me.

Takes a heavy toll.

It burns as slow as fire.

In an impatient eager soul.

My damage inside will bleed.

Until I transform into your everything.

Until I become precisely what you need.

I change every second.

To be the calm of stormy weather.

To be united with my love.

To be conjoined in love forever. .

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