Mad Hospitality

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: House of Ghosts

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Broken

Submitted: August 30, 2017

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Submitted: August 30, 2017



Mad hospitality


Chapter 1


“Lucy…” The voice echoed into the room. I turn to see Clyde standing in the doorway, his thin, limber body leaning against the frame. Tears started to run from his dark, green eyes, that were normally filled with a frantic energy. Now they were only filled with sadness.

“Oh… Clyde, I´m sorry.” I get up and walk over to him to give him a hug, but he jumps back slightly.

“Was it you?” His eyes return to the body on the floor behind me. Security and doctors doing their jobs to clean up the mess and remove the body. The events that lead to this were tragic.

“No, I didn't´t. God, I watch it all happen though. Here let me take you to your room and I´ll tell you what happened.” Clyde´s eyes didn't´t move from her corpse. The tears kept coming but any other signs of crying were suppressed in his chest. Lips slightly parted he whispered, “She did it, didn't´t she?”

I felt my heart drop to my stomach. The fact that he said that broke me. One of my dearest patients finding out that his best friend in the entire hospital had committed suicide, it does not exactly sit well next to my previous meal.

I drew out the silence of our conversation, and soaked in the sound of them zipping the body bag.

”Yes. She did.”


I brought him back to his room. We walked at a pace that felt like it would give him time to process everything that had just happened. Although, it gave me a empty feeling.

When we arrived to his room, he simply stood in the center of the small space with his back towards me. He clenched his fist, and just stood there, silent.

”Do you hear them?” I asked, making sure not to raise my voice to loud. If he was hearing his voices again, it makes things harder for him to raise your voice against him or to try to get his attention in any aggressive or ill mannered form. We had to be gentle.

”They´re telling me it´s my fault.” He twitched a bit. But stayed calm. This was thanks to his therapy, to help keep his cool and to deal with his voices. But I didn't´t know how far those breathing exercises would get him in this situation.

”It´s not your fault, Clyde. Are you able to handle yourself?” I was getting nervous. I knew how violent Clyde would get when he snaps. But it had been two years since his last breakdown. So all of this was very questioning. I observed his motions best i could, but He never been this still. It was almost like he was putting so much energy and concentration into making sure he didn't´t break. But it´s like watching a bottle filled with diet coke and Mentos, in other words, it could burst at any second.


”Shut up! I don´t want to listen!” He covered his ears and fell on his knees. Bowing to the floor, he screamed, ”I hate you! Just as much as i hate myself and everyone else here! Shut up! I didn't´t kill her!” He was shivering, and bawling. I pulled up my phone and send a signal to the emergency staff. I did this whenever a patient needed meds quick or just any emergency in general for that matter. But Clyde was quick to notice my actions.

”And now me too?!” He shot his gaze at me, still on the ground but his right hand was digging into his ribs, scratching himself, leaving cuts that bleed deeply. This was his self harm method. Like his breakdowns, he hadn't´t self harmed in two years, but the scars were there all the same. Ugly pink lines all tattered across his chest and ribs. We had to eventually have him keep his shirt off for the sake of seeing whether or not he hurt himself again. And here he was, falling apart and destroying himself. Little did i know that this was my sign to run. But i didn't´t. I thought i could keep him calm enough to stay put for long enough before personnel would arrive to my assistance.

With a flash, he pounced at me, fist in the air. His punch struck me across my head, and everything went black.

All i remember during my knock out was a white noise, almost piercing to my ears. My head was swirling and I started choking. The choking is what woke me up.

As my eyes started to open, i noticed immediately that my mouth and nose were covered by a hand. This hand was bony and pale. The skin was dry and whenever i opened my mouth i could taste a hint of iron. Blood.

”Hehe, shh. Don´t make loud noises around me Dr.”

Clyde. I regain most of my vision as he move his hand away from my face slowly. I tried to get onto my feet, but i couldn't´t move my legs, nor my arms. Squirming was all i could manage, and as i peered down to my body, i saw that i was tied up in ripped cloth, tight and well knotted. I was sitting against a wall, uncomfortably for that matter. My head was aching and my left eyelid would stick to itself.

”W-whats going on?” I muttered.

”hehehe, well I tied you up Dr. Can´t you tell? I was about to wash your face from the blood, but you started to come back from your nap. Couldn't´t have you fussing.”

Okay, blood. Probably why my eye is sticky. And Clyde tied me.


” Oh well I can´t stand loud noises, remember?”

”No, why did you tie me up?” I stared at him, bewildered. What the hell was going on?

”Oh! To keep you from leaving me. Simple as that.” i looked around the room to get my bearings. From the medical bed and the operation table being in the room i knew we were on the 2nd floor, but which room i couldn't’t tell exactly. The room numbers are on the other side of the doors.

”Clyde, why do you want me to stay with you here?” His facial expression changed. It turned into a concerned look.

”Have you already forgotten Dr.?” I looked around a bit more. And then i noticed on the floor, a bobby pin. Red with hair strands stuck in the metal clip. Blonde hair. Like Lucy.

”I see. I have not’t forgotten.”

”but you have failed to tell me why she did it.” He whined, throwing his arms up in the air to then have them drop like a sail on a ship.

”I can’t tell you that.”

”Why not?” he burst. Sticking his face closer to mine, i could smell the sweat and blood off of him. His whole chest was splattered with blood and wounds. He had gone farther than ever before. He was not in control anymore. This wasn't’t the Clyde that would skip in the halls and whistle a tune whenever he was happy. This wasn't’t the Clyde that hoped to one day bet healthy enough to live a normal life without worry of his voices or anger. No. This was his other self that he had been trying to snuff out like fire. He had gone insane.

”Clyde, what you’re doing right now is wrong.” I needed to keep my cool. I can’t afford to have him burst again. That would be risking my life.

”I know. That’s why i killed everyone on this level.” I stared at him in stock. Did he really mean what he said? How? Could he really be that dangerous?

”H-how?” i stuttered. My breath started to get short and quick, along with my heartbeat going rapidly faster than earlier.

Clyde took a few steps towards the door and came next to the medical bed. From my angle i couldn't’t see what was on the bed, but he answered that question fairly quick. He grabbed a rifle from the bed. It looked exactly like the rifle the security had for rate 5 emergencies. Emergencies which can threaten the well being of personnel and patients.

”I found this. It’s quite useful. It pleases the voices too.” he shook it, creating a jiggle sound. I merely gulped. Sweat was rolling down my neck and my mind started to cloud. He really means it. He killed people.

”What about the other floor levels? Did you kill others too?”

”Haha! No, i Stopped the elevators, and barracked the stairs with the beds and desks so no one can leave nor enter. See how i thought of everything Dr.! I am quite pleased with myself!”

My breath grew even shorter, I was beginning to panic.

”We’re stuck here?”

”Better stuck than captured or even killed by the police.” He grinned at me, still holding the rifle.

”This is what the hospital gets for not being able to save her.” he points towards the bobby pin, with the gun. He leans his cheek onto the stock of the rifle, and pulls the trigger. The bang scared me, but when i look at where the bobby pin once was, it was shattered. All that was left was a bullet hole in the floor.

”And that's why I have kept you prisoner, Dr. Whitefield. For you are the one to blame the most.” 

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