Mad Hospitality

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: House of Ghosts

this chapter turned slightly shorter due to lack of time. I promise that chapter 4 will be longer ~

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Torn

Submitted: October 01, 2017

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Submitted: October 01, 2017



Chapter 3




He didn’t cry as much this time. Tears simply ran as he stood there looking at me with empty eyes. It reminded me of when he saw Lucy.

She was a girl of intelligence and independence. But she was also stubborn, which is what we wanted. Her being stubborn is what got her in the situation she was dealing with. Her previous doctor before me diagnosed her with depression and anxiety, but I saw something that every patient has in common in this hospital.

We brought her in about four years ago, and immediately started with standard procedures. I became her doctor, and I’ve been studying her illness and treating her up until the accident.

It’s a shame too, cause even though she kept to herself, she made one friend. Clyde. They bonded quickly. Maybe because they were so different from each other, that they took interest in that. While Lucy was a tough, stubborn girl, Clyde was a soft, caring boy. They wanted to be more like one another. Clyde even told me that he would get better for her sake. I think he loved her. But Lucy had other plans.

I entered that room where she sat, waiting for me to give my monthly check up on her. The look on her face was filled with conflict. Frustration. Maybe even anger, but whatever it was, it lead to her asking a question. A question that no patient should ask. A question that could ruin her well being. That question is what ruined her. I couldn’t answer but she already knew the answer to it.

It was quick. Tears in her eyes, and blood flowing from her neck, she let herself fall on the floor, scalpel skidding a few inches away from her hand. It was done and I was left to stand there, with a dead girl on the floor.

Clyde didn’t move his gaze away from my eyes as I stood there in disbelief in the words he had said previously. I have to keep you safe. Why me? Doesn’t he hate me? Just like Lucy did when she died?

“Dr. Tell me why she did it.” He started to choke up. Shivering, he clutched his left arm with the other.

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“Like hell you don’t.” He snapped back.

“I said I don’t know.”

“I know you know! You can’t lie to me anymore!” More tears fell as he started to approach me steadily.

“Tell me.”

“I can’t.” I gulped. What did he know? What doesn’t he know? I have to pick my words carefully.

“You sure fucking can.” He was only a few feet from me now. Eyes turning blank. He brushed back his brown, shaggy hair.

I was getting nervous. Was he going to hurt me if I don’t tell him?

“Don’t make me...”

“Don’t make you what? Hurt me? Just like you did to her?”

“I didn’t touch her. You said it yourself, she killed herself.”

“But it was you that lead her to take her life!” His face was inches from mine. I felt his breath against my nose and lips. I lifted my face to ignore his eyes. I haven’t gotten used to seeing those yet.

“You know nothing.” Silence filled the room. We forgot about the fresh dead corpse behind Clyde. We forgot about where we were. I simply stared ahead. As for Clyde, he stared ahead into me.

“I knew it.” he whispered. All of a sudden I felt something push on my chest. His fist. But it wasn’t a punch. He was merely pushing his fist into me.

“She was right. You are a monster in human skin.” I bolted my eyes down at him. Anger filled my chest.

“What?” My tone was deeper. I was ready to let loose on him. I had enough.

“I won’t forgive you for what you did. And yet, I can’t kill you quite yet.” I stared at him, and he stared at me. His forest green eyes filled with disappointment. The blank ones gone.

“Clyde, Back off now.” I grabbed his wrist, in attempt to push his fist away. But he simply dug deeper.

“And even though I need to kill you, I want something from you.” He opened his fingers to grab my shirt, and pulled me inches to his face. I closed my eyes. I didn’t dare to look into his.







“And I will get it soon.” He whispered. He let go of me. I backed up quickly. And ran out of the room as fast as I could. I started crying. I was fearing for my life, more than ever. I had to escape! My bosses needed to know what was happening. I wasn’t gonna get help. I search and search for a phone lying around somewhere until I came across the security room. One screen was on.

I entered to investigate. The screen was playing into the room where Clyde had me tied up earlier. I looked at the date of the video. It had been recording when Lucy died. Curious, I rewind some bit, and noticed it started before I had entered the room. Lucy wasn’t sitting in the bed like I saw before she died. She was by the door, with a shadow like figure on the other side. She was talking to him.

“I’ll kill him. Don’t worry about it.” the figure nodded and closed the door. She went over to the table and grabbed the scalpel. Hiding it in her sleeve, She sat down on the bed and signed. Suddenly the door opened again. I appeared. And like I said earlier, she died. 

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