Mad Hospitality

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: House of Ghosts

There will be a final chapter. Chapter five is when this all ends. i know the story seems to end in this chapter but its not quite done yet. if you are enjoying this, look forward for the next few
weeks then :)

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Reap

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



Chapter 4




I smiled, not because I found pleasure in her death, but because what I did is justified. She planned to kill me. But under who’s orders? Who was that figure on the other side of the door? He had no appearance that I could describe him with based on the video. He was merely a silhouette in the recording. The light in the hall must have made it that way. Lucky bastard, he could have been identified if only he had the lighting differently. But that doesn’t make sense, there was light from both the hall and the room, so some form of light should have relieved his face.

I replayed the video. The dark figure very well postured, almost doll like, with little movements standing in that damn doorway. The moment they ended their short conversation he swiftly vanishes into the hall.

Suddenly I heard foot steps at the door. I turned to see Clyde, with something round yet weirdly abnormal in is left hand, and in his right a saw from a surgery room used to cut bones. From the abnormal object hidden in the dark shadows of the dark hall dropped some form of liquid from the bottom of the thing.

“You see this?” He quivered in anger. He lifted his right arm forward to show the decapitated head of a woman. Blood dripping from her throat, and eyes pointed downward at an unnatural distance. Clyde gripped her knotted, brown hair tightly and spat out, “This is what I plan to do when I kill you. You sadistic rat!” He threw the head at me. It hit me in the chest so quickly I didn’t have time to react like I would have liked to. The familiar feeling of nausea returned as I vomited over my self, as I fell back upon the desk, elbow landing on the buttons on the keyboard. Clyde's eyes lifted from me to the screen above my head.

I turned around to see the video replay it’s self for what would be the last time. The video was already at the part where I entered the room. I was weak in this moment. My head told me to turn off the screen, but my body didn’t move. My head was dizzy and mixed thoughts of vomit, body parts and the video swam in my head.

The screen played the part that I didn’t want Clyde to know. How Lucy pulled the scalpel to kill me. How I grab her arm in time. How I twisted her hand and used my strength to thrust the scalpel to slice her neck. How I watch her fall. How I killed the only reason Clyde’s sanity stayed stable.

“I knew it!” He shouted at me. I didn’t face him. My energy was drained and my head was still spinning. What was the use of trying to even argue back when he saw the evidence. He saw me kill her. The truth that I hid so well that I nearly forgot myself.

“This is what I was looking for. The truth.” Silence entered the room, the screen still buzzing, giving the only light in the room.

“Look at me.” I slowly turned around to him. He was walking up to me. I looked down to avoid his eyes, yet I noticed the women’s head on the ground. Clyde’s feet stopped right at it, placing his on foot on top of it like a soccer ball.

Refusing to look into his eyes, I forced myself to stare at the head.

“I said look at me,” he growled. He push down on the head with his foot. I could hear it crack as the shape slowly flattened, blood and skin tearing and oozing. I was gonna vomit again. So to prevent that, I gave in. looking up into his blank stare. His face was scrunched up, emitting rage.

“Not only did you lie to me, but to all of the others whom I’ve killed for you. Your experiment won’t succeed.” I felt a sudden weight pull down on my lungs.

“What do you know of any experiments?”

“I know you are medicating us with a drug that is supposed to over time exceed our ability's as humans. But what your doing is wrong. Your trying to turn us into weapons.”

“Where did you learn this information?” I straighten my back and clenched my fists.

“I put the pieces together doctor. I picked up hints and clues here and there. But Lucy confirmed my suspicions. And besides, you can’t drug us forever, eventually someone, like Lucy, is gonna find out how strong or how intelligent they have become.” My eyes widened. Did she go off medication? When? Then I realized that Clyde hasn’t been medicated for a while now. Did he stop before all of this? Was he preparing for this? It would make sense, how he killed everyone. His body is five times stronger than the average heavy weight lifter, and his IQ is about 250 minimum.

“The only reason I think you were able to kill Lucy doctor, is because her medications were still in her blood stream when she thought they subsided. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here now would we?” Clyde relaxed this face. His chest puffed out as he inhaled a deep breath. He then pointed the saw at me.

“Look here, I like you a lot doctor. But the problem is you will continue this “Research” if I let you live. So here is what I think, I’ll give you one more hour to live, under that time, you must decide how you are going to die.” I gulped. Shivering, I let myself slowly sit myself down on the floor. Tears began to shed and I look into blank space. I was zoning out. But his voice was still to be heard.

“Either I kill you slowly with this saw, or I let you kill yourself slowly with this saw. Your choice.” Choice? What type of choice is that? Why would I want to kill myself?

“You do it.” I blurted out.

“You have an hour to deci-”

“I said you do it.” I let the words flow out of my mouth like water. Clyde looked at me curiously. Tilting his head slightly, he grinned.

“You’re no fun. But I’ll make due.” He jumped forward to me, grabbing me around my throat with his free hand. He tightened his grip, choking me. His eyes blank of emotion, but his grin grew wider. I gasped as much air as I could, but I couldn’t fill my lungs with the needed air. I let my legs go from under me, and landed on my knees. My throat ached as it got crushed by Clyde’s utter strength. Any harder and he would pull out my throat. Slowly, I felt something cut my left arm. I looked down and saw he was slicing it with the saw. I tried screaming but I had no air to scream with. My head was spinning and my vision was slowly blacking out. I tried pushing him away with my free hand but he was grounded like a rock. With a few punches in an effort to free myself, I gave up fighting the wall that was slowly killing me.

Suddenly, Clyde pushes me down on my back, pressing me down against my chest. I gasp. Air filling my lungs all so quickly. My head hurts and my arm is losing any feeling. It’s all numbing together. Clyde continued to saw at my arm while sitting on top of me, like he did before when he beat my face up. He didn’t give his all then. He could have killed me then, but he didn’t.

I looked up at him in panic. His eyes filled with tears but showed no emotion related to anger or sadness. Nothing was in those eyes I always adored. His grin disappeared. He was out of it. Why? Why did I have to do this to him? To anyone? What I made was worthy of hell and meant to thrive along side the devil. Clyde had no control of himself.

I Let out my screams of terror and agony. The feeling of the metal grinding into my flesh was the most abnormal feeling I have felt in my life. Soon he reached the bone. I didn’t dare look at my arm. Feeling the pain was enough to know my arm was fucked up at the moment. The noise of him cutting the bone in my arm made me shiver and his lifeless expression made me want him to just end it quickly. End my suffering, was all I wanted him to do. I made my ultimate mistake in life, there is no hope for me to live any longer. Why did I let him kill me? Why? Why? Why!?

I closed my eyes and screamed. MY free hand was gripping Clyde’s arm that was pushing me down. His thin, pale arm was cold. Cold like his heart. Like mine.

I guess we are not so different from each other.

“There we go.” He said blankly. I opened my eyes and looked at my now removed arm. The skin was shredded and blood was everywhere. Something in my head didn’t quite get that there was no arm there anymore. It searched for my fingers, my wrist, my elbow, but all of it was gone. Laying there next to me was a broken part of me. I deserved this.

Then Clyde did something unexpected. He bent over and kissed me. Sitting back up he teared up again.

“I’m going to kill you now. I’ve had enough.”

“What?” I choked. “What was that?” Clyde’s eyes started to look more and more human and along with that more sad.

“That is what I wanted you to be, but you were a lie.” He gave a genuine smile for the first time for what seemed like in a long while. The tears fell and his eyes were back to being the deep eyes I loved. I gulped. My throat grew a knot and my eyes started to flow tears as well.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered.

“For what?” he replied, just as quietly. He giggled a little, as if he found this all funny.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t the way you wanted me to be.” I let myself sob. I realized everything now, and it hurt.

“I’m sorry as well.” He wept. “I’m sorry for having to kill you.” And with that he turned his head away, placed the saw across my neck and sliced open my throat.

The world I once knew had changed when I met Clyde. Now the world will change again when I leave Clyde. 

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