Mad Hospitality

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: House of Ghosts

Final chapter. Thank you for reading this story.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Darkness

Submitted: December 08, 2017

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Submitted: December 08, 2017



Chapter 5






This is where everything I once knew turn into a nightare. My heart would boil from anger and my gut would knot itself in guilt. My body would be a shadow and my eyes would become the void. My purpose would change and my religion would be defined in this moment.

I have no form anymore. Thoughts racing I try to turn my head, but there is no head to turn. Everything around me is pitch black, like night. I have no feet, so I felt like I was floating in the air, if there was any air. I was suddenly aware of the fact that I wasn’t breathing. I couldn’t feel anything anymore. It was almost like I didn’t exist anymore. Looking for answers, I tried to remember what happen last. After what seemed like forever I finally recalled my murder. The justice that Clyde took over his feelings. Clyde.

I would cry but I had no body to cry with, so the feeling of sadness was all I could have.

Then in that moment of sadness, a white flash appeared. As the whiteness faded, a silhouette of a man appeared in front of me. He was outlined in the white, but had no other features than being in the shape of a well postured man.

Was he the man from the video?

I then recognized the fact that I gained body again. Looking down, I found my hands, but not the hands I was used to. My hands were also shadow like, outlined in the white light. I guess without that outline I wouldn’t be able to see him nor myself with the darkness around us.

“Former Vince Whitefield, I have a proposal for you.” I stared at him confused. His voice was a heavy, scrapping noise that would make me shiver.

What was he wanting from me?

He continued, “I’m aware that you recognized that you have died. Don’t worry though, you are not in hell, at least not yet.” he chuckled.

The feeling of anger filled me for some reason, so I shouted at the figure.

“What do you want from me?” He came slightly closer to me.

“You see, you are currently in limbo at the moment. A place at the entrance of heaven and hell. You in normal circumstances would be doomed to hell. But you have killed and done many terrible things to many people who were never given a chance to prove themselves worthy of either realm.” I let my mind think back to all of the experiments and patients I had during my time at the hospital. I was hired after graduating medical school by a secret organization and was located at that rural hospital in the middle of no where. They told me that no one outside of the organization knew of the place and the patients were special specimen to be used to create the perfect super human. With persuading and credibility, I accepted the job. Now I regret everything.

“Thanks to you, the amount of souls in limbo, like myself has grew to much. Here we can’t have many souls due to the few necessarily needed. Now they are stuck here for eternity, no paradise or punishment.” He intertwined his fingers into one another.

“So obviously we had to kill off the reason of that problem. Enter Lucy.” Suddenly, another figure appeared next to the figure. A silhouette of a woman this time. Her small body shape and tender looking hands were enough for me to understand that it was Lucy whom I was looking at.


“Her job was assigned by yours truly. You see, I am the ruler of this realm. I am the man whom people fear in there nightmares. And it’s my duty to find new people to help me posses people to madness and send them to hell. Lucy was granted freedom to heaven if she killed you, but failed. You killing her sent her as another soul to do my biding here.” I looked back at her figure. Her face, like the other guy, was non-visible. Merely blackness. So I couldn’t see what she was feeling. But she definitely had her arms crossed, so I could assume that she was displeased with me.

“So, due to that, I did what I was trying to avoid doing. I used Clyde to continue my biding. I used his schizophrenia to create a goal for him, that goal being to get his revenge on you. You know the rest.” The anger built up more in me. I looked down. The outline around me started to thin out. Pulsing with every second.

“You used Clyde?” I snarled. The man figure simply stared at me. Slowly, he approached me even more until he could rest his hand on my shoulder. The pulsing of my outline slowed and the white grew its original width from before, as my anger subsided. The feeling of peace flowed from his hand into me. I was like he connected me to a cable to recharge.

“Yes, I did. I didn’t have a choice. You see, I could possess you myself, but the problem was that it takes energy. With time I regain my energy, which I use for multiple things such as healing the ones lost here in limbo, or possessing others. Lately due to you filling limbo with many souls I wasted energy healing other souls. So instead with the little energy I had, I sent out messages to Lucy and Clyde to kill you.” I looked down again at my feet. I must have really fucked up. But how was it that my patients couldn’t be judged to either realm? So I asked him.

“Why weren’t my patients judged in time?”

“Humans are normally judged by the age of 18. learning about the world can lead to mistakes so they are not quite the worthy mistakes to judge off of. By the time they are adults they are worthy to judge. Your patients are under aged. Most of them being 15-17.”

I stared at the man in disbelief. Disbelief of the fact that all of this was caused by me. Did I really kill that many people that it became to many souls in this limbo realm?

“How can there be to many souls in this void?” The man of darkness moved to the side a little and with a gesture of his arm, two doors appeared. The one door being white like snow, and the other a crimson red.

“These doors are the entrance of heaven and hell. Limbo is the middle ground. Think of all this like a see-saw, here there must be balance to keep all three realms stable. If there are to many souls in any realm the line between the realms will break and chaos would disperse, leading to souls leaking into the world you came from.”

None of this made sense to me, but I understood that what I did disturbed the “balance” of this realm.

I gripped my misty black fist. The pulsing of the white outline grew stronger again, I was filling with anger once again, but I contained it, even though it showed.

“So what am I doing here?” If the man could smile he most certainly did in this moment.

“You are you be my servant. Your duty will be to kill of those worthy of death.”

“What kind of punishment is that?” I swung my arms out in rage. This time the man didn’t put his hand on me to calm me. He must want to see how I would react.

“It’s no punishment. But you will never see heaven nor hell. All we needed was to end you, now that that’s done, you will serve me.”

I look at him, anger growing and growing. I might as well explode, destroying everything around me!

“Vince, your anger that is trapped within your soul will be useful. Please except the offer, or you will be put to damnation.”

I knew that hell would be a terrible place to visit. But was serving him worth it?

He looked at me patiently.

This void crept around us, like a disease corrupting a body. This corruption was going to be torture. But would it meet the same level of torture at could be conflicted to me in hell?

I let the darkness take me. It took over me, my movements, my voice, everything. I tried screaming but the shadows that corrupted my dead soul spoke the words,

“I’ll serve you.” 

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