My deadly Heart

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This is something i had written a long time ago and was placed on a old page that i had. About a girl who fell in love with someone- She was madly in love with them until things started to change and it began breaking her heart in the end.

Submitted: August 30, 2017

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Submitted: August 30, 2017



My Deadly Heart


I fell in love and believed it was real then began to notice all the changes, then noticed it was a lie,


none of it was real and you let me believe it was how could you, how could you put me through that, i feel betrayed by the one i love....


I sit here hopeless as i wonder what life would be like if i was to lose you again,


if one day i were to wake up and you would be gone


then the more i think i remember all the fun and bad times we have shared with one another.


You told me you loved me and i believed you


You let me fall in love with me then you ran away


When we fight i get upset over  the slightest of things.


When we don't talk i miss you endlessly and wish you would message me.


I blame my self although i know it wasn't my fault,


You then get upset because you think im mad at you.


The other night I sat on my bed crying,


hoping you would forgive me,


hoping i didn't mess things up.


I took it too serious, it was only a joke and i took it too far. 


I love you so much and i don't think you realise how much,


when you don't tell me where you've gone i worry so much.


I get jealous so easily when you talk to a friend.


Then your friend came along and he was more important then we changed


I've pushed you away so much times, i think to myself maybe it's best if i push you away again.


Let you move on, I'm nothing but bad news.


Let you love someone else, 


Let you get your happily ever after because if you stay with me i fear you won't get it.


I fear i will hurt you like i did in the past.


I'm not the best person for you. I never have been and never will be.


I know it will hurt to let you go but maybe's it's best.


I'm sorry if i have hurt you, maybe it's time to say good bye,


maybe i should pack my bags and leave you, let you live your life with out me.


I don't think you would even notice if i was to kill myself, i don't think you would care, 


why would you i was just some girl you took advantage off


and made look like a fool as i stood in front of our family and friends. 


I'm better off if i leave, You were so much better without me in your life,


It may hurt but i'm done being the girl who looks like a fool.


Why me? What was it because you knew how much i cared that you thought it would be fun.


I gave you my heart and you broke it apart threw it away and ran off.


Is this revenge for when i cared for you so much that i didn't want to drag you into my problems so i

ended it with you.


I am nothing to you, you were everything to me.


You drove me to be this way, to hate you,


now i'm leaving and i hope you blame yourself becuase its all your fault and you don't even realise.


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