To Me

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This is what you mean to me ...

Submitted: August 31, 2017

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Submitted: August 31, 2017



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To Me



To me

You're Perfect

And always

On my mind

To me

Life seems reborn

The times

That you are mine


To me

Skyping is not enough

To feel you is

What I need

To me

The distance

Is hard to bear

Your love fuels my greed


To me

You're the Angel

That's brought my

Poems to life

To me

You're more than

My girlfriend

I should start calling you Wife


To me

You're my

Personal project

I study you so intensely

To me

The hidden tears

You don't allow me to see

Scars me much more deeply


To me

The religion of love

Cannot be practiced

Without you in my arms

To me

If I needed to give my life

To have you saved

I'd die to leave you unharmed


To me

Thoughts that you're unsatisfied

Causes me to

Work to the brink

To me

Your every request

Even ones unspoken

Motivates me to think


This barely scratches

The surface

Of all you mean

To me

But to keep you

From reading a book

My Liebchen

I tried to keep it brief


I love you.



  • K.S. Fort



From, “To Me”


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