Metal Friends

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After what you did to me I developed a friendship no one approved of. Except you.

Submitted: August 31, 2017

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Submitted: August 31, 2017



I never really even knew you.

Looking back it seems as if you were merely a figment of my own imagination. But why would my mind be so cruel?

Three years after the day I met you I’m a normal girl, fitting into society like another one of its sheep. I’m no one special. I’m not someone you even take more than one glance at as you walk by. I like it this way. I need it this way.

I have two friends, they’re wonderful, they play with me whenever I want. They dance across my skin engraving every lie you ever spoke. I keep them in my front pocket placed directly in front of the sole photograph of us together. The one where we are sitting on the grass, the one that was shot less than an hour before you stripped me bare of my innocence.

Mama told me I couldn’t be friends with them anymore after she saw the crimson red leaking from my arms. I tried to explain that they were only helping me, they were only trying to extinguish the thoughts. Mama didn’t listen. She would have if I had told her how you held me to the ground, hands so tight around my throat I could practically see death approaching and told me this is what I deserved. You made me promise I wouldn’t tell. I didn’t tell.

My friends are waiting to play with me once more. This time mama can’t tell me to stop. When she finds me, my friends would have made sure that there wasn’t really much to find at all. They’ll make sure every last inch of my flesh that you touched is erased, shredded into pieces so small no one will be able to make me whole again.

I never really even knew you.

But don’t think for one second you're not the last and only thing on my mind as I take a last shaky breath and allow myself to succumb to the sweet melody of death.  

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