Rebound to life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: September 01, 2017

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Submitted: September 01, 2017



Rebound to life

Some moments are difficult to share with others not because they are unworthy of sharing or they are so close to your heart, it is because you don’t want to ruin its charm by letting someone else know and eventually those silent moments buried in the grave with you.


(When I got up from that extraordinarily beautiful sleep, I found myself in a hospital.  I could still smell her presence in that very moment, that thrilling aroma I could have barely smelled on other. It was unimaginably nostalgic and there was more nostalgic than her smell is her presence and thrilling when she renounced to have been with me into the journey of that beautiful sleep with a professional accent.)

That was a same mundane night with an exhausted body after a hectic day at office, didn’t know when fell asleep. It was when I heard a crackling sound as my phone dropped on the floor brought me back to consciousness. I saw the dim-light was on, but who turned off the main light? I assumed that was my mom, generally she is the single soul in this entire world that I believe who can understand and read the mind of a recluse son like me. I had already crossed the line of silver jubilee yet I merely talked to anyone. Where at my age people switching relationship, creating saga of a strong bonding, turning best-friend into enemy for lifetime, changing boyfriends and girlfriends like cloths, for me those experiences were like cuisines somewhere in a European country. Just like a guy from a different continent I always tented to taste it. But an unknown resentment or maybe it was my logical nature of seeing the life more productively than a malicious way had always stretched forth me an impasse. The only thing that I addressed as my friend was my attic, every lonesome night he would cuddle me into his four concreted arms and kept listening to me without a reply. I decorated his arms with my favorite Rap stars pictures, Eminem and Chris brown, because in rap I would imagine myself rhyming out my self-story with perfect waves of words, matching the syllables with every aesthetically flowing beats in a jet-speed motion. Rap never makes a person emotionally weak beside it provides more strength to face the pain, though its lyrics tell the same painful story.

 I reached out my hand to pick up the phone but something else had lured all the attention of me. I saw a nimble, bright and beautiful female hand picked up the phone and placed that on the side table.

“Shihhhh”……it’s ok. You sleep, you must be tired. A gorgeous figure whispered right in front of my eyes, gently flicking at my nose with her right forefinger twice with a smiling face. Soon, the entire universe to me turned into nothingness, I was entranced by the vision ahead that spelled me into a stone. She was mesmerizingly beautiful.  The Scattering rays of yellow color from the dim-light became more potent when it blended with her fair skin, as if she had applied turmeric paste on her whole body. Her oval face  with a perfect curvy jaw line connected farther with her strong chin that had a deep inverted curve from the middle and something which made it more engrossing were those three mole fell right above her chin in a triangle shape. Overall that was an angelic sighting for me which came distinct with her long wavy hair. She had a slim and a poised figure more like a delicate heavenly creature on earth. She was wearing a simple blue floral printed skirt-it ended inches below her knees and a black & white nautical striped summer top.

 I just felt to keep enjoying the view and hooked into her eyes forever where time doesn’t exist but that was again her who had me back to sense. “What? Why are you looking at me like this? It is not a first time you have seen me “Dean” .And she giggled with shy. Yes, it is a fancy name once my maternal uncle had anointed me. I like my name though, for at least I had something to be called whimsical in this blunted life.

 I exerted myself to a concise inquisition for her rather answering exactly what she had asked for. “Who are you? And how come are you in my room?

“I am a ghost you mug”. She started laughing. That wasn’t scary at all. One can easily presume her jesting.

“What has got you dear? I am your girl-friend “Niha”. “It seems like your job has compelled you completely……………. abridging your memory”.

“Hey BHAGWAN” (oh...God).”

Wrapping up all the queries of mine with the short testimony she had provided, now she was smiling at me genially and slowly got up on my bed. To my surprise there was already a pillow placed for her next to me which pushed me to put a full-stop on my questions despite a strong disagreement I was holding in my head. For convincing her fact of roll she was playing in my life I had myself confronting with my own disbelieves. I started asking me “what a strange insomnia is this? Am I really being controlled by my job that reducing my memory power? Or is she lying to me? No she is right. I think I really have started forgetting things” and there were plenty non-sensible reasons or perhaps incidents that I came up with just to prove her right and prove me wrong, but there were actually galaxy of questions those I purposely refrained from asking her despite things were getting paradoxical for me that time. I was still not convinced weather was that my job weakening my memory or something else but I was pretty convinced that she had something delusional because each passing second I was being intoxicated by her smile, face and at last the way she shifted her hair to right shoulder and gently moved her both palm through it. As she was settling her delicate figure on my bed gradually, she threw me another smile and dived into her world of dream faxing me two sweet syllables with her soft voice. “Good night”.

 I kept looking at her reverently. For me that was like a well effective medicine which had startedhealing me internally in a prodigious pace. I felt like I had a drink of an anti-oxidant substance turning myself into an immortal person who had just mastered the enlightenment. Indeed, somewhere a part of my body was equally worried about the following morning fiasco. “What will happen if my family gets to know a girl was sleeping in my room whole night and we were sharing the same bed?.”

The next morning I woke up a little advance than my usual timing. Perhaps I was woken up by the nervousness for that morning or might be I had a great sleep because I wasn’t feeling weak at all. Then I saw her, sleeping almost like baby, emitting a gleam of tranquility from her face that only be gained through proper meditation that began to purify my thoughts, I felt a refreshing energy drained through my veins and mixing with bloods. But it was my mother who cut that wire of energy transmission and had me back to common sense. She was ranting at my younger brother from down stair to wake him up. Suddenly string of questions started poking into my head-“What if someone steps into my room? What if my mom? She would not find any necessity to take permission from me before doing so.” I decided better to come into an action and made an instant escape plan for her. I briskly walked to the wardrobe, opened it and took out five to six trousers of mine inaccurately measuring the proximity to the ground from the single window of my room. That was a dawn of an escape strategy I took up for her like a benevolent shoulder and targeted at tying up all the trousers legs together leaving the first and last ends untie. I stood at the window, opened it and left the one end of my made up rope completely down holding the other end by the window frame.

“Per…..fect…. Dean “.The measurement was unbelievingly perfect and I could not hold myself back from appreciating me.

“Wha...t?.”Suddenly I heard the same voice from the previous night. I assumed my loud impulse appreciation broke her sleep.

When I turned around to see her, I saw she was sitting on the bed holding a broad smile on her face. She slowly shifted a strand of hair which was blocking the vision of her right eye. And I received a warm greeting from her which was more energetic than my daily cup of tea.

“Did you say anything? And what is that thing you are holding?” her eagle eye didn’t not take much time to dig up her escape plan which I was anyway going to introduce to her. At first I thanked to that loud reaction I gave after creating an excellent get away strategy, for not having come to a necessity to wake her up. Obviously, why would one on earth ever want to be cruel to break a person peaceful sleep? Infect, not me. But it was also true that an imperceptible thought of mine consistently fighting with me to not let her go away.” Oh what a dilemma”!

“Ok..! Let me tell you that you have to leave this place immediately as soon as possible before my mom or any of my family members see you here. And you need to go down with the support of this rope. Don’t worry I will he…”. By not taking much time, I began to explain the plan in a single breath like the robust general of a furious cavalry before heading for a war. For a moment I forgot that she was the self-proclaimed girl-friend of mine who at least by far had a right to interrupt me. And she did that.

“What? Hi hi............... Are you serious”? She chuckled. Then sluggishly got off from the bed and walked up to me. Her response forced me give a thought that how on earth someone could react so normally while one is speaking grievously .She then placed her soft palm on my face like the caring mother of an obnoxious child who tries her best to tell how much she loves him, how much he matters to her more than anything in the world. Her exuberant touch made me feel like I was being nourished by a big times psychologist that sedating my perturbation.

“It’s all right, don’t put much pressure on your head, your family knows that we live together, in fact your mom and I were having a discussion about the changes on your behavior, how you are forgetting things lately. I know you don’t talk to people much but I can sense that the pressure from your job is impacting very bedly on your health. I am so concerned about you now “dean”. She then rested her head on my right shoulder and gave me tight hug. Her words and the warm hug made me go frenzy. I saw a dark sky sparkled with shiny stars were glittering on to me, fading off the brunette color from my world.

After that she pushed me for a shower to get ready for the office. As my body was getting drenched by the water drops from the shower my resentment that I was holding for decade getting washed off with that. Every particles of me felt alive, I was being reborn. It was may be because of her presence, may be because of that caring emotion that I saw for me, her concern for me, may be that was her hug, her touch, her smile, her face. May be she was that one precious piece of diamond I was yearning for long that I morosely had forgotten now and there was a sea of may be of an immeasurable density swallowed me into and  took me to a different new dimension.

That morning I greeted my mother after a long period, I didn’t know what made me do that , I simply assumed my happiness was wanting to come out, happiness that was dead for a long time especially after my father’s death, being an elder son in a family half of the responsibility came upon my shoulder. My greeting was hemmed in with zestfulness. For my mom it was like the long coveted wish came true that day to put franticness on her action, she was like what to do what to not, her eyes started getting moist literally though she controlled that smartly but her broken voice could not hide that. By then Niha too came down, she first hugged my mother then simply bow down to take a “ASHIRBAAD” from her for a good day ahead.

 We all had our morning meal together, I talked to my brother and he was surprised too, answering all the questions I asked him about his study, replied with heart-full respect for his elder brother tagging a smile with every word. But I was really oblivious about that big surprise which was waiting for me that day from Niha. when my mother winded up with her regular kitchen business I received a kiss from her on my forehead to exhilarate my entire day.

That day I talked to some of my colleagues at office and shockingly some of them knew about me and Niha’s relation. They asked me how it’s going, when we were planning to get wedlock. Surprisingly for the palsy-walsy behavior of mine, that day one of my colleagues willingly came forward to help me on the next presentation which I had to present next day. I never thought I would ever be able to establish an ingenious conversation between me and my boss and that was the day I realized how generous he is.  He asked me about my mother how she was doing now, he even asked about my brother’s study and he further added that he would love to help him to get a recommendation during his campus interview. It was her face giving me consistent courageous in every step of mine and ultimately my reluctance gave up on her.

Since then a strange change came into me. I began to find taste everywhere, every substance even if it was bitterly. Thinks became colorful around me. Her face, her voice, everything was rooting out my timidness completely. Each time I talked to her I would wake up with a new frolicsome energy. It was a cronic transformation in me which would drive my fits into dancing shoes all the time. I started loving different genres of music that’s too in different languages. Especially there was a Punjabi track “main tera “A” blood goriye, tu backbone jatt di” would keep playing in my head mostly, which my brother used to listen to a lot. But there was also an explicit question trying to emerge as a ruining strike at life which I never wanted to ask, I really wasn’t in a mood to end my happy days early. And the question was – where does she live?

That was Saturday and two of us were enjoying a beautiful rainy night looking out through the window. I noticed the road which was right across my house was so lonely that night. The fresh revitalizing scent of the wet soil had me to imagine her and me walking on the street holding each other’s hands, getting drenched in the rain drops. I was completely lost in thoughts but it was her who shooed me back to reality. She started urging me to sing a poem for her. Initially I tried to refute her request but she was really a stubborn girl, indeed her pretty face, and that seducing smile could make anyone go creative even if one deals with rock and Iron. So I had to come up with something and I did not fail in playing that smartly-

A statuesque dropped from heaven,

Replica of a bright hue after rain

Created my sole more lighten.

God particle, destruction, beginning,

My beginning of anoesis with raining.


The complete poetry was a complement to her. For a moment I thought my whole hearted attempt was beyond her comprehension zone but her blush manifested me that she understood my thoughts clearly. Then I noticed a strand of her hair were ruffling in the air. As I was enjoying the moment she took a brisk turn and strode up to her phone that was lying on my bed alone. She picked that up narrowing her eyes into the screen as if she was franticly looking for something. I was looking at her from the window. Suddenly her face creased into a delirious smile, and then she looked at me and played a track-

Chehre Mein Tere

 Khud Ko Main Dhudun

Aankhon Ke Darmiyan

Tu Ab Hai Iss Tarah

Khwabon Ko Bhi Jagah Na Mile


Yeh Mausam Ki Baarish

Yeh Baarish Ka Paani

Yeh Paani Ki Boondein

Tujhe Hi Toh Dhundein”


That was the one soulful song that turned the nimbus morbidly romantic. Her slow seducing prances toward me melted an unknown part of me inside. Even though she was in her simple nightwear that night for me that was the sexiest cloth one could ever wear. As she ran her fingers on my face a chill ran down my spine. To feel that moment more effectively I closed my eyes for a spilt of second. I knew what was on her mind even I wanted that to happen so I surrendered myself to her. She held me tightly and rested her face on my shoulder humming the song that was running on the background which she might have left on a repeat mode. Then she was looking into my eyes which was so darn hypnotic then anything could ever be.  I felt everything was driving at a same rhythm, our heartbeats, the romantic song and rain drops, even that cold breeze sharing a single rhythm. She was also sure that I was actually wanted to live that moment.

We both fell on to the bed and she decided to be on top of me as she leaned over me her hair touched through my face which was like a scented petal of flower. We made love until the late night then I shut my eyes being wrapped by the soft skin of her and the sand of fragrance of her hair drool me off to slothfulness in a short time. And it continued to rain outside.

As the next day was Sunday we decided to go to the nearest market to buy some vegetable. We even booked two movie tickets of half – girlfriend for the arvo show priorly going out for the market.  As we were strolling on with half-empty bags, arguing with vendor, checking on vegetable, I noticed her stumbling steps. Her body had given up already as if she was no longer on a state to go any further. She was constantly wiping of the sweat which was streaming down from her forehead. So I finalized to cut marketing session off out there itself and told her wait to there till I get back with an ice-cream for her from the store across the road. As I pronounced the word “ice-cream” she beamed at me immediately, that was silent indication of her mind told me “yehhhh…go get that soon”.

Then something happened, something accursed which I never had foreboded not even for a second. It was a doomed play without indication which was unbearably detestable. “Why didn’t I grab a bottle of water besides getting an ice-cream just to make her happy? She would have been agreed with that too. Or why didn’t I take her to a restaurant where both of us could have filled our stomachs and got riveted. The most noteworthily why had I not been a bit careful to cross the road? It sounds stupid but while in an era we get to hear some bogglingly death chasing stories with the help of mind-power where was my mind-power sleeping that moment? And why didn’t the driver have a little bit of common sense to push the break before he hit me.

I woke and found to be in a hospital. Laying on a stretcher, moving my head to every possible direction I could turn it. I noticed the intravenous drip attached to my right arm and electrodes from the EEG device were placed on the scalp that I realized just a few minutes later. Even thought I was in a hospital something was missing, it was the antiseptic smell which completes the ambience of a hospital. My nose was unable to extract that inevitable smell beside I was getting a familiar fragrance and that was from none other than the girl I met lately “Niha”. I was so happy that she was with me all the time, I was so happy to have the glimpse of that transient beauty again. Then a female voice spoke up – “How are you feeling Mr. Dean...I hope you are completely fine now. I am Dr. NIHA… you have been under my care over the last twelve days since the accident. Your family members are outside now, soon I will call them in.” she summed that up with a contrive smile and left that stark room quickly.

Yes! That was Niha. She was wearing a starched cotton saree and a stiffly pinned up bedge bit above her chest line calling her name correctly. My eyes remained rooted until she was out of my sight. That came to me as a shock. My head wasn’t trying to believe what I just saw, I heard. At first I thought I might have come into a different dimension so had I tried to close my eyes repeatedly but each time I opened it I saw the same. That wasn’t painful or excruciating, for me that was a heavy loss, an utter failure. I wanted to bang my head against the wall and go back to her again. But no, my weaken frame wasn’t even able to move properly. I asked myself “could not she wait for my reply” and blame her “how irresponsible she is as a doctor.” But all my heart hitting, brain torturing questions shut down when I saw my mother and the younger brother’s elevated face having his brother and her son back into normal stage.

Latter I accepted the reality that Niha was mere a doctor who did my treatment. As soon as my family left with an ecstatic face with a promise to see me time to time I went into a deep contemplation stage where I reminisced each and every moment from that dream. And abruptly I was jerked by a vent of self awakening spirit which helped me to imbibed a conception that delivered me a word- “Rebound

it was a rebound to life but this time I decided to embraced it with love, happiness, caring and tried to excel in live not moving away from the contentment and I assured myself to be illogical not entirely but at least a bit. Niha didn’t teach me anything on that miraculous interval. However I learnt a lot and if learning is not a right word then I should better change it to “changing” which I could not develop in me for decades but that dream and her presence succeeded in a jiffy. That persona a hidden psyche that I discovered lately, introduced me with something that I was unaware for years. Even in those brief precious hours she silently told me that life is not just a meaningless accidents or coincidence but it’s a sublime plan.

While I was writing this story I heard someone said-“Many teach you how to love but how to forget that love no one teach you”.

“I say, I don’t want to forget her, but rather I will always remember her face and that dream till the last breath of mine”.

 Written by- Praz Dean Kelvin

Source of Inspiration- “Eulogy Speech for Jonathon by Dean”, Movie- “SERENDIPITY”

© Copyright 2020 praz dean kelvin stories. All rights reserved.

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