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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: September 01, 2017

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Submitted: September 01, 2017





We all have dreams, like day dreams, dreams when one sleeps at night

But a same dream if one has every night at the same time then that’s not just a dream.

That’s something different.

12:05 AM, Rachi wakes up frightenedly, her face is fully covered with sweats, and the duet cover is almost soaked, she is crushing her stomach with her utmost force as if she is preventing the blood  from coming out. She is badly terrified and her entire body is shaking like an earthquake. Her heartbeats have turned out to be the silence breaker of the night.

(10 years back Rachi’s parents died in a car accident since then she has been living with her maternal uncle. She has turned 22 now and her uncle and aunty are leaving no stone on her proper upbringings. They are childless and happy to have Rachi in their misery life. They all live in Guwahati , her uncle works in forest dept as a head clerk. Rachi is a senior geology student at Guwahati University, she is a lively, spontaneous girl who always craves for adventure, lives her life with full on enthusiasm.)

“Knock …knock……..Rachi! Everything ok Betaa…?” Renu mashifrom the other side of the door.

Rachi is fine now; she is just settling herself back to sleep. In her life this dream has become a  mundane mate of disturbance, turn out be like a nasty routine dinner of midnight.

Ya..a..hh  ….i  am ok Renu mashi. Rachi replied costively with a fainted voice.

Rachi might have uttered a little loudly and it interrupted Renu mashi’s fairy dream.


Oye ….we are getting late yaar. Neha spurt up in the morning banging at rachis door ceaselessly, she is always in a rush, her impetuosity isn’t getting late for the class but meeting Rohan and her other mates.

“Uff…wai..Waitttt …baba……..  get in.” says Rachi

“Let’s go.” Neha says as if she doesn’t have time to take a stifle.

“But what about the breakfast?” Rachi with a worried face!

“We will do that at canteen.” Neha replies casually and her adorable face always works as a healer of fire. No matter how stupid she talks, how mad it makes Rachi but it is something that Rachi always enjoys.

“Bye Renumashi.” Says Rachi

 “And don’t forget to put padlock on from inside.” Rachi commands to Renumashi with sounding maturity in her voice.

“Ok”….. Renumashi replies from the kitchen.

Meanwhile they walk out of the Rachi’s house Neha gets full bladder to empty so Rachi waits for her at  the front gate till she come back. All of a sudden a 6 year old girl appears right before Rachi, she is so adorable, carrying a heavenly pretty face that almost weaken Rachi to move her hands towards her.

“Hey”…says Rachis as her hands franticly get closer to touch her pretty face.

And there is a sudden transformation.

“Don’t touch me….”.That little girl voice doesn’t sound like little, it’s too heavy as if a devil has sat on her vocal cord.

“Don’t touch me ….you will die ….. You will die.” Murmuring the same line repeatedly that so pretty little girl seems possessed by a devil now and grabs her hands around Rachis neck.

With that rapid attack Rachi is not finding any jiffy to figure out where this girl has come from beside an utmost exert of resistance. Then she starts crying out for help, starts to look around and then abruptly Rachi’s eyes catch up something.

It’s a guy, rushing towards her, seems like he’s got a rotor speed on his legs, wearing a black hood and his other parts are blurred since he is running at a super speed.

“Leave me off….you bitch.” Growling threateningly Rachi is about to counter the girl with a solid punch.

“Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……”a roar with a flash ….

Everything is gone. The girl isn’t there anymore neither any sign of man with black attire. Rachi finds herself lying on the ground.

“Ohh….fuck what was that?” Says Rachi as she is trying to get up on her feet. This is the first time Rachi has encountered something weird incident like this.

“Hey ….I am back let’s go.” Neha is back and she knows that she already took so long, so her act of haste is a defense pick from Rachis Red eyes.

“I thought you been there forever.” Says Rachi with an intense face. 

On their way to university Rachi tells everything about the strange incident that she had encountered with .However that is a total inedible dish for Nehas mind, not because it is Neha, if there was someone else it would be tough to believe that for as well.


(It’s  a war between human and some monstrous faces armies, Rachi takes a nervous gulp when she sees three armies with great height and rippling musculatures heading towards her, one of them carrying a giant thorny metal weapon with sharp tips , while other two have long swords .

‘HOURRRAAAAAAALYEEEEEEEEEEEE’ .Holding their weapon aloft they growl like lions and their entire cavalry start chanting louder along with them as if it is a final moment to the victory.

When Rachi glances towards her left she notices a man with long hair slashing enemies head with his sword leaving no stone to keep them away from her as bloods draining out from his forehead. Rachi then notices that her sword is broken already.

 ‘It is a massacre’ murmured Rachi eying around the battle ground.

‘yaaaaahhhhh’ roaring one of those three armies  storms towards her with a fatal attacking move but before he could strike her, the guy from Rachis left who was busy slaughtering enemies heads off takes a brisk turn towards the spot where Rachi is standing, plunges his sword into her abdomen.)

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah……..” Rachi wakes up with a terrifying scream and starts panting. It is the same dream she has every midnight.


It is Rohans twenty-third birthday, and he decides to throw a party, so he calls up most of his friends and it is obvious that Rachi and Neha are not out of the list. At around 2pm Neha gives a call to Rachi to get her ready for the party and ask to meet her at the nearest intersection by 4:30pm since some of her others  friends going  to gather up at the same place even  Neha is very excited about the party so she gets herself ready and leaves out for the party fifteen minutes early to catch up with Neha at the intersection.

Rachi notices that Neha is alone waiting for others. As Neha sees Rachi at either side of the road she starts waving at her with a wide toothy smile. When Rachi starts to cross the road as the signal strikes at red, she abruptly notices that Neha’s happy face turns into a doom gesture. This time she is not smiling beside there is a terrified sign on her face, indicating Rachi to look on her left. It’s a car recklessly heading toward Rachi as if the driver has no control over it. And it’s a tinge of metres away to hit Rachi.

“Yaahhhhhhhh…”a roar with a flash

Rachi finds herself right next to Neha, gazing at her astoundingly and standing still as if she just got a thousand volt shock. The entire busy crowd seems stoned holus- bolus, staring at Rachi trying hard to grasp what they just come upon with. Rachis conscience already says that this is the same guy from the other day but she is reluctant to share her inner sense with Neha this time. 

But who can be that guy? And why is he saving me? Why all these weird things are happening with me? Now lot of questions starts hovering around Rachi’s head.


It’s at the party, Rohan steadfastly strides up to  Neha and Rachi with an elevated face and exclaimed. ‘Hey finally you guys came. Ok….ok before I forget, I got something to tell you gals.’

“What?”. Neha Asks.

“My friends and I just made a planned to go for camping by fifteenth, and I thought to pass this exciting news to both of you. What say?” Rohan asks as his eyes twinkling with great a excitement.

“Woo---Hoo. We are in.”  Both come back together delightedly. 

“And there is another good news that, that is a full-moon night.”  Rohan adds.



The group arrives at the camping spot by the evening and starts setting up their tents deliberately, some of them cogitating about placing their tents at right place. Meanwhile Rohan and his two friends are out for collecting woods for the bonfire and the sun is about to go down. Now all are waiting for the sight of full-moon and a safe come back of Rohan and his friends with bunch of woods to pass the night as they planned.

After a while the full-moon finally jacks up and so are Rohan and his friends back with substantial amount of woods for the night. The entire crowds go frenzy as Rohan ignites the fire, one of them starts playing guitar. While a total hysteria takes place outside the tent of Rachi, she is still sitting inside the tent and recalling those unusual incidents that she has faced lately. Neha is in crowd with Rohan, for her it’s like a dream come true.

Out of nowhere three guys barge into rachis tent and they are not from the camping group either, Rachi gets a little scared, so she interrogated them- “who are you guys?”

“Killer of you”, one of them answers with a menacing voice as their whole body gradually transforming into bestial creature of god like beast, and some ghastly protrusive swords lingering out from their hands.

Before Rachi could understand the situation and scream out for help, one of them lounges forward  tyrannically to thrust his sword at Rachi’s chest. And then a cluttering sound stabs into her ear as if two swords have cluttered with each other. She is in a crouched pose, blindly trying to defense herself with her defenseless hands.

When Rachi languidly opens her eyes, a man appears right before Rachi, she is unable to see his face since his back is turned to her, the man wearing a black hoody, his broad shoulders , a lean body powerful back holding up a testimony of a warrior.

She then has some glimpses of a scorch show which she has probably never seen it before. The beast who took the first charge to make a kill wound on Rachi, now his body rifts into two parts from the middle and flood of bloods starts draining out from his abdomen. The second one aggressively steps forward for a strike but the man shifted swiftly to his right, and pierces his sword inside out of his waist with a brilliant ease, while the last one is only focusing on Rachi to have her killed as he storms up to rachi belligerently swinging his sword to the corner, the man takes a forward move spinning his body like a storm following his sword, he slashes off the beasts neck from behind. ALL THREE ARE DEAD.

 The man then steps forward to Rachi and halts a step away to her.

“WH……O A.RE Y...OU”? Her words break apart by the trepidation of nervousness. He slowly removes his hood, his long hair is tied neatly in an unassuming bun, and his face is almost like a Greek god. But the vision before Rachi has got her ground transformed into a deep sea which is leaving her breathless.

‘YOU ARE THE SAME GUY WHO KILLS ME EVERY NGHT IN MY DERAM’ says Rachi, astounded by what her eyes have unfolded.

“WHO ARE YOU”? She asks him again.

“I am your defender ………..MY LADY.” He answers as he goes down on one knee, bowing his head with respect.


Why is he addressing himself as a defender? Why is he calling her my lady? Who are those weird creatures with supernatural power? To unveil the mystery behind this deepest secret read the conclusion.


The paladin

Blood Has a Call of Yuga 


© Copyright 2020 praz dean kelvin stories. All rights reserved.

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